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The Problem with Modern Diet: Lack of Proteins

Meat lovers will find this article juicy. More than 10 years ago when I started to learn about nutrition because I didn’t like the way I look, started to realize the lack of nutrients contemporary diet has. Sodas, sweet treats, fast foods, are basically energy bringers with no value. It’s like you try to build a house only with plaster. You must get your brick game right.

Why are proteins more important?

First of all, are the lesser found in our selection of food. Carbs and fats are everywhere, but proteins are on the missing list. That’s crazy because proteins are The problem with modern diet lack of proteinsnot just muscle founders, they also perform the most work in cells and are needed for the function, structure, and balance of the body’s organs and tissues. That’s why you can eat three bags of chips and never feel full, but after a beefsteak, it’s another story.

I don’t say that carbohydrates and fats are not important because those are also vital for our bodies to function healthily. In fact, there is a ratio that dietitians recommend:

Recommended Ranges (Percent of Calories) Lower Carb Higher Protein (Percent of Calories)
Carbohydrates 45-65% 45%
Protein 10-35% 25%
Fat 20-35% 30%


There’s another reason why the lack of protein produces so many unhealthy habits. Proteins are the ones that take longer to digest and gives us more satiety. Without proteins, our body constantly thinks we lack food supplies and produce more hunger. Some flour products and most of the sugary foods are quickly absorbed, passing through almost undetected by our digestive system. Liquid calories go through totally undetected. No wonders bodybuilders and athletes focus so much on protein sources. I eat proteins like crazy too.

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How we fix this?

I love solutions, so, in this case, will obviously be including proteins in our daily diet. I recommend animal and plant protein also because we aren’t omnivores for nothing. All the natural sources of protein are important, cooked properly in a healthy way (so not dipped in hot oil). Cooking in oil involves very high temperatures that decompose oils and foods into toxins. Steamed, grilled, boiled in water, raw vegetables, anything that is marked healthy is good to go.

Animal proteins are generally better because are much easily used by our bodies. We don’t have the stomach to fully digest vegetables. We can extract minerals, vitamins, and fibers from greens, and it’s essential we use them for that. When it comes to protein the animal protein is much easier to use for our bodies. Milk, egg whites, cheese, chicken breast, tuna, these are common good protein sources. I don’t have a single day without milk, eggs, and cheese. Sure I get my veggies too, but proteins are very important for me. I have high-intensity workouts 5 times a week and I need to replenish my nutrients.

Natural sources FTW.

I don’t believe in protein supplements, honestly. It’s nothing a powder made in a lab can provide me that Mother Nature doesn’t already have. I tried them once a long time ago and the strength provided was unsatisfactory for me. I feel much stronger and pumped up after some grilled chicken breast. I am a natural enthusiastic, I love anything that is natural and healthy. Anything else is fake and have fake effects, not to mention counter effects.

Want a protein shake? Throw 4 egg whites, milk and a banana in the blender and KABOOM, natural proteins baby. You will never see a good-looking fitness model that consumes 10 types of protein powders. Sure, if you are going on a trip and don’t have easy access to cooked food, a protein shake or protein bar is better than other snacks. But if you are at home go for natural.

As a conclusion: If you want to lose weight and get in shape, or simply maintain your level of healthiness make sure you include proper protein sources in your diet. Here’re some high protein sources: 

  • Cottage Cheese.
  • Milk, 2%
  • Eggs.
  • Steak (top or bottom round)
  • Swiss Cheese.
  • Greek Yogurt.
  • Ground Beef (95% lean)
  • Pork Chops (boneless)

Related to all these warnings for meat and the pollution that affects our food supplies: if nature wouldn’t be so amazingly adaptive to the outside factors of harm we wouldn’t have any plants anymore. Eat lots of veggies, fruits, and healthy animal proteins, and trust me that you will be 10 thousand times healthier than a person consuming something we invented (pills, supplements etc). Our bodies were built a long time ago based on natural food supplies and are still masterpieces these days. Have a healthy eating life my friend!

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