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Simple Tips to Save Money

If you want to have financial abundance, you need to know ways to save money. I don’t imply that we have to drop quality entirely just to save a couple of cents, but there are some useful tips to save money and still live a quality life. There’s a difference between necessities and waste. Now, let’s get to it!

Save money at home

When you leave for long periods of time unplug your appliances. If you are at home turn down the thermostat and Simple tips to save moneyget one more layer of clothes if you need. You don’t need to wear a T-shirt inside at winter. Also, if it’s summer, let’s some air breeze inside instead of air conditioning.

Try to restore old furniture instead of spending money buying a new one. You can even scout for Craigslist or garage sales and get some bargains.

You can have drinks at home and skip those expensive fancy bars. Invite your friends over and have a good time. Also, try to cook at home. Ordering take-out is much more pricey.

Wait for movies to come out on DVD. You can have a cozy movie night with your loved one and also save money on tickets and snacks.

Make coffee at home instead of buying it from town. You can find special cups or you can even use a thermos. This will save some serious cash over time and make you healthier because you know exactly what you put in that coffee.

Save money on transportation

Using public transportation can be a great money saver. If you can do it, use it as often as you can and keep your car only for when really needed. Avoid cabs because those are more expensive. Wash your car at home and you can have a fun time with your family and save some bucks.

Book early for flights, but not too early. Over four months in advance, it may be more expensive because the deals didn’t come out yet . If you are traveling for the weekend try to pack only a carry-on bag to avoid fees.

If you can walk or bike certain distances, just do it. Not only that your pockets will stay big but you will also do some exercises and look great.

Save money on groceries

Be a smart shopper and plan your week ahead. Before you go shopping make a list of the required items. Try to shop as fast as you can without wandering for products that look appealing. Don’t shop hungry, because you will be more attracted to buy snacks you don’t actually need (and make you fat).

Buy generic brand products, because you get the same quality but save some money. Make food at home and replace those pre-cooked products.

If something you often buy is on sale, try to buy as much as you can safely store. Buy items in bulk and store them to save money. Use everything you have and store items properly.

Random things you can do to save money

You don’t need the most expensive clothes to look good. Try to buy off-season, on discounts and even from thrift stores.

Workout at home. Running and biking it’s better than a treadmill. Push-ups, sit-ups, and crunches can be done at home.  Buy Yoga and Fitness DVD or online videos that you can practice at home. Invest in some weights and body build at comfort.

When you spend time out with your friends, try to drink or eat a little bit at home before going out. Either if you go for dinner or at a bar, you will be more calculated on ordering if you have something in your stomach. Also, keep in mind that an empty stomach will make you drunk faster, and when you are drunk you do things you regret. If your friends ask out for drinks try to find a place with a happy hour so you can save some money.

Some of these tips might look like a small save, but over time and using multiple ways, you will save some serious amounts of money. It’s all in the mindset, and all the rich people have a saving money mindset.

What tips will you apply to your life to save money? Share it with us in the comments.

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