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Don’t Say “Let’s Change”, Say “Let’s Progress”

We all want things to get better, but we also like sometimes to get way too comfortable. And our comfort zone become our barrier. The truth is everything changes with time. Is not something we can stop, but is something we can accept and learn to make changes happen in the best way possible. Changing in better is called progress.

Change is an automatic process, progress is not

With time our relationships changes, the economy changes, the technology changes, our body changes. Basically, Don't say Let's change , say Let's progress !everything! Even our planet is changing in time. Much slower than us but you get the picture.

So don’t fall into the trap of thinking that sitting around doing nothing will keep things the same. It’s like saying that in your garden if you planted seeds one year, your crops will just grow by themselves forever. That’s not how things work. You need to do the same work all over again next year with improvements.

That’s why I say change is automatic. It happens, but not always in the best way. Everything, if let abandoned , unpursued, unused, it disappears or it degrades. Even our bodies start to get sick if we don’t move for long periods of time. We need to make sure the change is happening but in a good way, with improvements. We become better the more we do it, therefore, we get better and better results each time. Sometimes we mess it up and that’s ok. The key is to never give up.

Progress make us truly happy 

This is the meaning of life: progress is happiness. If we get better, if we do better, if we react better we are happy. We can look on the trail we left behind and we can say “I did pretty good! I’m proud of myself.”

We always strive to progress. As a newborn, you learn to walk. Then you learn to talk. Then to drive and so on. Nothing would be possible without progress. Technology, science, medicine, even our evolution as a race, everything is achieved through progress.

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If you feel unsatisfied with your life, unfulfilled, unhappy, unloved, it’s simply because you stopped your progress in that area of your life. Even emotions need to get better. We must learn to love better, to appreciate more, to give more, to be more compassionate. Your relationship needs to constantly grow with more love, trust, romance, passion, honesty, commitment etc.

It might sound exhausting but it’s not. Because this is what makes us truly happy and fulfilled. This is what makes us feel alive! Getting better and better in our life, making our life better with each and every step. We won’t be perfect and we know that. But if we never give up on our dreams and purposes, we will get better with time and eventually make it happen the way we want it.

Aim to achieve improvement in life

There is always something to improve! Nothing is perfect and there is a good side of that. Because that allows us to have something to make better. I found that the key to overcoming any kind of obstacle is seeing it as a challenge. Like when you were a kid and got your first puzzle, and you just rubbed your hands and shout with excitement: “Let’s do this!”

Life is an exciting journey. It has challenges that make us grow, become better, more loving and overall wiser. The stress comes when we focus way too much on the challenge, and way too less on the solution. Maybe to the point where we believe there is no solution. Wandering at the pieces of the puzzle all day long won’t make it done. That is the worst kind of mentality you can have. It’s pure suicide.

We must focus 10% on the problem we have and 90% on the solution. That’s how we achieve progress.

On the other side, we can’t go in life ignoring our problems either. Sooner than you think , the weeds will take up your garden right? You just have to see the problem, exactly as it is, not worse but not better either. Then focus on the solution. Focus on what you can do, and progress acts naturally out of you.

Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable… Every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

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