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Healthy Food Is Always the Best Supplement

Even if you want to build muscles, lose weight or simply stay healthy, I know you encountered hundreds of supplement products to help you achieve your physique goal. These quick-effect magic products ultimately give little to no result and make you give up.

There is no better supplement than healthy food

There is one exception regarding the vitamins and minerals because I do agree it’s hard to get all the nutrients our body needs just by food. This is the only Healthy food is always the best supplementsupplement I actively use too. But if we talk about proteins, amino acids, fibers, fatty acids, there’s no better substitute than real food. You won’t see a bodybuilder looking good because he got the best protein powder. He looks how it looks because he got the best diet.

I grew up with the mentality of avoiding pills as much as possible, and I am grateful for that. If my head hurt or I caught a cold I would rather take a hot tea or chicken soup over any medicine. The reason why I did this is because I didn’t want to make my body’s immune system go weak. I just wanted to help my body get the job done, not completely stopping it.

Everything that is natural cooked and eaten, it’s the best source of healthiness

Our bodies aren’t made to work with scientifically obtained products. We still have the genes we had when we used to hunt for survival. Yes, that was a very long time ago, but there’s no need to change something that is perfectly development. Our bodies are built to extract what we need from food. Forget about air being polluted and things like this, because it’s not that harmful as processed food. Of course, not all of them are bad. But most of them, including the fast food, are filled with sugar, salt, and fats you have no idea about. Not to mention the toxins that deep-frying in oil extracted from seeds release.

I always try to find the natural approach to anything my body needs. I want some vitamin C, I get some water with lemon. I want some protein, I eat grilled chicken breast, tuna or egg whites. I want something sweet I go for fruits. Everything that is natural is good for our body. It doesn’t matter how harsh you think the environment is becoming, nature always had the most amazing ways of remaining pure. Trust me. You can see flowers emerging from tiny asphalt cracks, and that’s not something that science can reproduce.

Your body gets its fuel from food

The greener the better. You will never find an unhealthy person who eats veggies every day. You can even snack them raw because they are so good. You can find these days tons of healthy recipes that you can cook yourself. There is nothing like a good cooked healthy meal. Even if you are not a master chef in the kitchen, you can start with something small. Everybody can make a salad, an omelet or some mashed potatoes. You will get better in time and you will love the taste so much that you will never imagine your life without again.

I’ve cooked meals since 17 years old if I remember it right. That’s 8 years of buying the most healthy products from groceries, learning and cooking, planning meals and respecting my diet. And I have to tell you that I feel amazing, I am strong, energetic, and I would love to see anybody living like this. It doesn’t matter if you want to build muscles or just stay fit, your results come 80% from the kitchen.

Eat clean, train mean!

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  1. pizza-eater

    We really do need to watch what we eat. Some people want us to believe that eating foods with added (MSG) is safe. Well, consider this. Did you know that when scientists want to study diabetes in mice they will feed the mice MSG? I would like to invite all to consider helping a new pizza shop make better pizza and help spread the word about the potential dangers of mono-sodium glutamate (MSG) and other artificial additives in our foods.

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