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Experiences Are the Foundation of Life

If there weren’t for these events that constantly happen to us we would have no life. If there weren’t these challenges and resistance tests that life gives us, we couldn’t evolve.

What we build with them is our choice. 

You see it all the time. People in the worst situation find always a solution and they are happy and filled with life in their hearts. And people who have everything they feel empty and hopeless. Because the inner world affects the outer world not the other way around. You can’t just let random events make your heart unstable.

This is our power: our heart, our soul, our character. This unbreakable feature all humans have, this ability to be Experiences are the foundation of lifestrong on the inside. How is that saying?

“Tough times never last, but tough people do.”—Robert H. Schuller

Think about it like this: experiences are the bricks for the foundation of life. You can use them to build your empire, financially, emotionally, mentally; or you just ignore them and eventually got hit in the head with a brick. I mean, you can’t dodge them forever, right? There’s no other way around. You either decide to take action and push the limits and boundaries, resists the force that is trying to hold you back, never give up; or you just lay down on your back and let things randomly happen to you. You either take control or be controlled.

How is your vision influencing your results?

The main difference between a happy successful man and an unsuccessful depressed one is the way they see life. This is called the vision of life. I found it myself too, short of amazing, that people can find challenges in their life attractive. I was like “How can you love to be tested out like that?”. Now I know because that’s how you grow while maintaining your happiness and joyfulness. By turning problems into challenges. “Bring it on, I’m ready!” now I say.

Life is like a river floating. You want to advance in life so you have to jump in the river. But you can’t let yourself just be carried by the currents, you will end in a waterfall and perish. Instead, direct your course to get where you want to get. You can’t just sit to the side at safety either, while life passes you by. That will make you waste your life. You need to have the courage to jump into the river and change your direction where you want to go.

Yes, life is challenging. Yes, sometimes there are events that we can’t control but we have to face. But the result, the destination and how we get there we can totally control.

Turn any negative event to a positive one. 

This is not me saying that you should be blind and think “everything is good, everything is good” and hope that something magical comes along and transform your life. NO! You have to take life into your hands and find the piece of knowledge, of resource, of motivation that lies in any given experience. You can turn anything into a positive event and that was proven like millions of times.

I will give my personal example. I never met my father. He actually died one month before I was born. He was waiting for a bus to get to work and he was hit by a truck in September 1990, and I came into the world in October. As you can imagine, growing up without a father wasn’t that easy. First of all, I never had a male role model to follow and I always felt insecure about it. I was so hurt as a kid growing up that I used to blame it on faith and God for not having my dad. I used to cry my eyes out. And I touched a limit when my mom had a misfortune, trying to build her life again, of choosing a mentally and physically aggressive man to be her husband.

Being beat up, insulted and having to live in fear in my own home was a climatic point for me (I never told her the events as I was a kid because she was working so hard and I wanted to protect her). That’s when I realized that I either make a positive change into this or let this consume me. And I made a choice that day when I’ve had it: That I will be the best father in the world for my children. I was like 12 – 13 years old when this happened. I decided that I will love my kids and my wife, and treat them with kindness, give them everything they need and always be there for them, because I KNOW how it is to grow without a father, and I’ve seen my mom how she felt when she was lonely. And that gave me the strength into focusing how to grow into a loving person, a real man, a true gentleman, ready to be a loyal husband and devoted father. That’s how I turned my negative into positive.

Btw, that guy doesn’t have a part in our lives anymore. When mom found out about everything she divorced him and now I have the best step dad in the world, so everything worked out fine. Oh, and I love God now (sorry for blaming it on you big guy) .

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I don’t believe in positive thinking without actions. 

That’s nonsense. You can’t just hopeful wish something good comes along and changes everything. But you CAN change yourself so you can take actions into changing your life completely. Also, you can’t just jump recklessly into action without knowing what you are doing, that is just unnecessary and blindly risk taking.

I always had this mentality and I think all people should have. Talk that talk and walk that walk. I always try to improve myself, to develop myself and to find more motivation, love, happiness from life, to take more loving and motivating actions. If you just learn for the sake of learning you are losing your time. Learn to apply things better, to progress.

This is how you achieve greatness. Is within you, is within all of us. We just have to make it happen.

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