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Discipline Is the Foundation of Wealth

If you have any goal or any dream, no matter how big or small, the key to achieving it is your discipline. This is in fact so important, that lacking discipline is making you waste time, opportunities and qualities that you possess. From there is a downward spiral.

What is discipline and why is it so important?

Discipline means that you will do what you know you have to do, even when you are not in the mood of doing it. 

You hear this all the time. People know what they have to do to get more money, to be more healthy or to have a much deeper love relationship with their spouse. We all knew these details. We are pretty intelligent individuals most of us. The problem is not applying what we know.

This is why discipline is so important. In fact, you can have absolutely no idea how you will accomplish your dreams, but with discipline and consistency, you will find your way while working at it. If you have to wait until you are in the mood of doing it, working at it, studying it, develop yourself, you will find yourself most of the times not doing anything.

Motivation is what gets us started. Discipline is what keep us going.

You will not always wake up in the mood of working at your business, job or project, but you will have to do it anyway. And guess what? You will get in the mood while working at it. There’s absolutely no secret behind this.

We have a saying in our country: “Appetite comes while eating.” And this is true in any area of our lives. The more we do it, the more we enjoy it and want it.

How do you get more discipline?

By pushing yourself to do whatever you have to do. It doesn’t matter the weather outside, or what football game is on tonight, or that boy or girl you like that Discipline is the foundation of wealthinvites you for a drink. I know it doesn’t sound like fun all the times, but while you working on your dreams you can make it fun and the rewards that you will collect is worth it ten thousand times over.

Trust me, discipline is a tough ingredient for our lives, that will serve us as a great foundation. Not only to achieve big wealth and buy all the things we want to buy, but to grow as a person, as a character, and have the power to get any beautiful and sweet thing we want. Discipline will serve you as an agent of achieving love in your life, health in your body and anything else you wish for.

Think about it like this: discipline is the cement of our lives. Yes, you can make a house out of cardboard and it would be much easier, but at the next powerful wind, it’s gone. Boom, you’re under the clear sky.

I think wealth is the clearest example of discipline at work. The amount of money in your bank doesn’t count on how good person you are, how beautiful you are looking, or how lucky. It’s the pure result of your financial actions. I mean, even in health you can have a resistance to bad eating behaviors because of your good genes, and therefore the effects are a little delayed (still they will always come). But with money the effect is clear and obvious. Based on the amount of value you bring to your work, that’s the money you are making.

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Infuse discipline in yourself with little steps.

The thing about changing is that people try too much in too short time. For example: let’s say that you wasted time all the summer doing absolutely nothing productive. If you go to your craft, work or studying in September, and you try to push yourself into doing all the work in one day, you will be overwhelmed.

You can’t force discipline into yourself and hope that from zero productivity to go full 24/7 effectiveness. You have to slowly infuse discipline into your habits. That means, do it with baby steps.

First give yourself an easier to follow discipline. Like waking up at a specific hour, do some phone calls, or read a couple of pages from that book that will improve your productivity. Or save a couple of bucks from your usual spending frenzy. Start with small things.

Discipline is like a muscle. If you haven’t used it in a long time, it’s numb and you have to work your way into making it stronger. You will not be overwhelmed and you are going to enjoy it. Is nothing more satisfying like disciplining yourself into doing something that you know is going to make your life better, your bank account bigger etc. Is that feeling of power and control that you missed so much.

You will never find a rich person that doesn’t have discipline.

And you never will. Study any billionaire and successful person in this world, and you will see they have the most powerful discipline habits. That’s what gives them proper time management, accountability, personal growth and many other productive assets. If you are chaotic, you don’t have a schedule for the day, week, month and year, you don’t have a plan, you don’t have proper time management, life will basically wear you out.

Look at nature. Anything that doesn’t fight the resistances, is prompted to degradation. So is your life. If you don’t fight your way into achieving your potential, fulfilling your dreams, grow up financially, emotionally, spiritually, physically and mentally, you are going to degrade on this areas.

While in other times you could survive without money, nowadays is the number one survival skill in the world. If you have financial freedom, you can achieve anything you want, you can supply yourself, your family and anybody you care about, and you can make your impact into this world. Without money, you have shackles that will keep you grounded and unable to do anything.

I remember last year when I started a business in the health analysis department, with my aunt that she’s a nurse, was my first time when I started a firm. I was the manager and the co-founder of this cabinet that will help people see their health status with a Biofeedback Health Analyzer. It was a challenge for me because in my country the bureaucracy is simply overwhelming. You have to do a lot of steps and pay a lot of taxes to get things going. And I remember it was around February, and I had to do another step in starting our firm, we were under a tight schedule and it started to snow that day. Big snowflakes, like absolutely huge ones.

I had to walk over there because at that time I couldn’t afford a car. Sure you get a bus until close enough, but still, it involves a lot of walking also. So I had to make a decision. I either postpone that business starting step, that will delay the starting with one week at least, or I just go through the snowing weather. And of course, I did go through the snow. My hands were freezing, my hair was all white, and I was a little cold because I had to wear some nice outfit also. You can’t go to a business appointment dressed like an Eskimo. And I was thinking to myself: “No matter the weather, I’m doing this!” It was such a powerful lesson of discipline that still lives with me today.

That’s why I wish you to infuse the best discipline into yourself because this is the true foundation of wealth. If you have strong discipline habits, if you go out there and do your work no matter if you are in the mood or not, if you force yourself to do what you must do, if you consistently work on yourself to improve, the success is yours.

There’s no stopping you! You can achieve your dreams no matter how big they are. To your success. 🏆

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