Do you want to become a guest writer on this blog?

Our vision is to create a helpful community of writers, that share their positive knowledge with all the world. The goal is to help people achieve their true potential and fulfill their dreams. We believe in the value of empowering messages, that can deliver a high impact without necessarily being too lengthy. If you become a guest writerare a person that wants to share your story, advice or life lessons, we love to deliver fresh high-quality content. We always look for contributors!

Here we have five main categories that you can choose from: Health and Fitness, Love and Relationships, Money, Motivation, Personal Development. Each article must fit only one category. We like to keep it simple and useful.

If you are passionate and have knowledge about one of these subjects, you are eligible to be a guest writer on AmbitionOasis. Still, we require some examples of previous work on this subject.

Guest Posting Guidelines:

  • High-quality articles only. No spin, low-quality rewrite, or software generated.
  • Plain text only. Don’t worry about bold text, headings or things like this, our editors take care of that. Even if you miss some spelling errors, we always check and correct. Your articles must be saved as .txt or .doc and attached to the Email you are sending. You can send as many articles at a time as you want, but each article must have its own .txt / .doc file. No other format is accepted.
  • Language accepted: English.
  • Your Email that will be used to create your Bio must have a Gravatar set.
  • 700 words minimum. Even though we prefer articles up to 1000 words, sometimes articles higher than this will be accepted if the value of them is as high. Still, try to keep it short as possible. It’s not the words that counts, it’s the value they deliver.
  • No links inside the article. You are only allowed up to two links in your Bio description. What you promote there is your choice. Your Facebook page, website or a new book, you name it. Your Bio will be attached to all the articles submitted by you. Although we allow you to promote what you want and we will respect your choice, it must be related to the topics of our blog. We will review the links and remove those that aren’t useful for our readers and those that are low quality, so please keep that in mind. After 10 articles submitted, your links will become DoFollow.
  • Make your article interesting and create a high attractive heading. Also use at least two subheadings inside the article. Try to keep the paragraphs as short as possible, because they are easier to read, but single sentences are not accepted. Lists inside the article are highly favorable (Top, How-To, etc.)
  • We are looking for originality. We don’t accept articles that are already published elsewhere.
  • We want the articles to be positive, informative, useful and a little bit personal. But not too personal. Try to focus on the value that is delivered to the reader, and if you use quotes, keep them short. We only allow up to two quotes per article. (The only exception is if you create a list of top quotes on a specific subject. But before you do that, make sure that list isn’t already done. Do a search first).
  • Once we publish a guest post, we get all the copyright of the material. You are not allowed to publish it elsewhere and you cannot ask us to take it down.

Please make sure you read all the guidelines before submitting your article(s). If what you sent doesn’t comply with these rules, we will ask you to resend with the proper correction.

How To Send Your Articles:

If you read all the rules above and you’ve checked all the steps, now you can send an Email with your article(s).

The subject of the Email: Guest Posting [Your Name Inside Here]

Inside the Email:

  1. The category you are writing on.
  2. Your name, as you want to be displayed in the Bio. (only the first time)
  3. Your description that you want to be displayed in the Bio, with the link(s) included. Must be unique! (only the first time)
  4. Your Email with your Gravatar set. (only the first time) *Must be the same as the one you send the Email.
  5. Examples of previous articles or other work related to what you are sending. (only the first time)

Attached to the Email: .txt / .doc files with each article that you want to submit.

Using this method, send Email to:  admin (at)  ambitionoasis {dot}  com

We will review the articles if they comply with these rules, and we will Email you the links as soon as we publish them.

That’s it! We would love to get your positive inspiring work and share it with the world. 


To your success, 

Cornel Manu