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Top 7 Mistakes People Do When Trying to Get in Shape

Sometimes, we don’t have a good start at losing weight and that is understandable. Not all fitness instructors care or have enough experience to give people the appropriate advice. Nutrition and fitness are sciences. Even if we don’t talk about making a profession out of it, if you want to get good results while getting healthier and stronger at the same time try to avoid these 7 common mistakes:

  1. They expect to see changes too quickly

    This is a tough one and I’ve lived it on my own. When I was 14 – 15 years old I was overweight, felt weak, insecure and had a lot of issues inside, most of them created by or fueling the bad physical condition. And at some point, I said: “I had enough!” and I started to workout and eat Top 7 mistakes people do when trying to get in shapeproperly to lose weight. So this is a tough lesson: Don’t expect for things to change too quickly. The truth is, you didn’t get that fat on your body overnight, so you can’t hope it will go away this fast. Changes are hard for the body as hard as they are for our mind or character.  When you start eating healthy and exercise often, your metabolism change. That means, your internal fat burning processes are going to shift some gears. And it will take a while for your body to adapt. And after it adapts, it will take a while to see the results. Don’t try to measure your belly every single day, that will kill your self-confidence. The best advice is to take weekly or two weeks photos to see the difference. Losing weight is a marathon, not a sprint!

  2. They don’t focus on diet

    Fitness is 80 percent diet! Maybe a little bit lower if you have a naturally fast metabolism, but never lower than 70 percent. This is the fact and I’ve felt it on my own skin. When I first started to lose weight I dropped sodas, white bread, sweets and fried food. It was hard for me. I was loving french fries, cola drinks and candies. But that reflected the way I was looking. So I started to eat healthy, reading articles about nutrition, having meals planned ahead for the day, drank a lot of water and green tea. That combined with fitness training created amazing results, but now I know: without diet the exercises are worthless. You can lose weight solely by dieting properly because we all have daily activities that consume a lot of calories. You can, but I still recommend using a diet with a workout schedule to get faster and stronger results.

  3. They make excuses

    Never skip leg day! This might be such a cliché but it’s, in fact, a point that I try to make. Sometimes people make excuses to skip a day from the workout or from the diet, and the next thing you see they skip a whole week. Excuses are what draw you in a bad unhealthy shape, so avoid them as much as possible . Results come where there is commitment involved. That passion, that burning desire inside of us that make us jump out of bed to get to the gym 5 minutes earlier than the alarm clock. No excuses!

  4. They don’t focus on the workout

    Working out is the cherry on top of healthy and strong body. Not only that activates your metabolism and make your body burn more calories, but workout relaxes us, gets us in a better mental state, give us confidence and so on. And who doesn’t love a fit body in a swimsuit? Don’t go to the gym to chitchat, don’t avoid running because your partner bailed off. Focus and deliver those workouts every day to get in a better physical and mental shape.

  5. They lack motivation

    This is a very big problem. Most people want to start losing weight to get more motivation, but the truth is you need motivation to workout and diet on a basis. I know is something contradictory, but here is the fact: you need a compelling reason to pursue your dream body shape. Why do you want to achieve that? It will make you feel better, be more confident, be sexier? Find those reasons within you and let those reasons fuel you.

  6. They don’t have a vision

    It’s hard to get somewhere if you don’t know where you want to get. Sounds logical right? This is a very big issue because people don’t vision what they want to achieve. We all have our own perfect body image that we want to implement on ourselves. For each individual, the perfect body looks different. We have to define it clearly! How do I want to look, skinny or shredded, normal or bulky, I have to define it clearly. We can save pictures of celebrities or other people who have the shape we want to get and view them every day. Imagine like we are there. It will give a purpose and our mind will guide us to it.

  7. They start big

    This is a problem I’ve had also. When you first start working out and dieting, you want to rush into it. So you learn all these stuff and apply it too hard on your body. Then you get exhausted and you want to give up. This is not the way to do it! Like I’ve said before, changes are hard for our body. So, we have to step small into it, and then gradually move faster. This advice is especially for workouts. You can’t jump from 24 / 7 watching TV to 5 days a week heavy workout schedule, it will overwhelm you. The weights you lift will have to be the lowest even if you are a big guy. The workouts should be the basics. The diet should be easy to apply. You can’t jump 10 steps on the ladder at the time.  So take it one step at a time and stick to it!

So these were the most common 7 mistakes people do when trying to lose weight. Which one of these you do and what changes will you apply to your life? Share it with us in the comments.

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