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How to Be More Confident

We live in a time where resources and knowledge are literally at our fingertips, still, it’s necessary to have the self-confidence to take actions into achieving our goals.

But it’s even more than that.

To have confidence in yourself is required for your relationship, financial status, social life, career, and every other area of your interest. While the access to resources and simplified ways to connect increased, the general self-esteem of the population decreased because it’s easier now to have a lot more time to think negatively about yourself or just feed your mind with junk. Back in the days where we ate exactly what we labored, hunger didn’t give us much time to have confidence issues.

So let’s focus today on how to get more confidence in your own strengths and give out the best you can give. This single aspect will change your life How to be more confidenttremendously positive, so we won’t treat it lightly. I will provide in-depth information about how to be more confident in yourself, from my own experience and what I’ve studied from others. I’ve had a time in the past when I didn’t believe in myself and I was constantly making me feel worthless, so I know how much it hurts and how much it affects our lives.

Even more difficult is to find the balance between being strong and also being kind to others. Because if you are empowering yourself by putting others down, you are basically just a bully and your character is broken when you broke someone’s heart.  When I talk about empowering yourself, the main point of view here is to only compete with the one in the mirror. You are your only competition. You will grow different, you will rise in your own way, you have qualities and flaws uniquely from any other human being. This is a mature point of view where we say: “Ok, let’s find our inner strength to give the best out of us, making the world a better place and touch people’s life in a good way.”

Now let’s get to it.

How do get more confidence? I split the answer into 5 parts.

1. Know yourself

How can you trust the unknown? You can’t, obviously. Still, most people go through life never knowing who they truly are. What their desires are, their aspirations, their goals, their skills they want to acquire, what kind of families they want to build, what kind of difference they want to make in the world and what kind of work they want to pursue.

Even more than this, most people don’t know their qualities and weaknesses. If you don’t know what you are good at you can’t improve it, and if you don’t know your weak points you can’t diminish them.

It’s strange how you see grown-ups being surprised to discover themselves or certain parts of them even later in life. Kind of like going to a NASCAR race without knowing what your car can do. I think this is the first point and the root of sabotaging self-confidence.

Because if you don’t know yourself, you will always be disappointed by you. You either have wrong expectations or you don’t know how to make yourself pursue them. You don’t know what to enforce in you, what to protect. It’s maybe a new thing you are hearing now, but the relationship you have with yourself is the foundation of your life. The problem is most people ignore themselves. They ignore their feelings, their aspirations, their wishes, their demands and complaints to oneself.

To fix this, write down in your journal the answers to these questions: Who I am? Who I want to be in the future? What are my qualities? What are my flaws? What do I need to improve? What do I need to remove? What kind of person do I want to be remembered as?

2. Work on yourself every day

Jim Rohn said it perfectly:

“Work harder on yourself than you do on your job.”

And it’s not just about the job at the desk. Your job as a son or daughter, husband or wife, mother or father, friend, citizen and so on. In every role you have, there is a certain demand for excellence. To achieve that excellence you have to become a person of excellence.

Now you know yourself, and you know what you need to improve in your life. What areas you need to work on every single day to improve your love life, your character, your strength, your health, your finances. What you need to improve to achieve your goals. Even by reading this article you are working on improving your self-confidence, therefore creating more of it. You see, we are creators of life, not seekers. We create our lives, our emotions, our thoughts. We just use the resources available, but the work is ours. And by improving yourself you can bet you will be a better builder of life.

3. Study the areas where you want to achieve success

Another important piece of advice in getting more confidence in yourself is to get more knowledge. But diligently picked knowledge, not magazine gossip style knowledge. You should know already your goals by now, therefore you know the areas you need to focus on. Gather constant knowledge on how to improve those areas. Read books, listen to audios, watch videos, go to seminars. You will never know enough and you can only achieve excellence by always being a student. All successful people are diligent students.

If you are not moving forward, you are definitely falling behind.

What does studying have to do with self-confidence? Let me ask you something. How do soldiers have so much confidence in those dangerous life-threatening situations? Because they are trained and they have the knowledge. They know how to use a gun, how to use tactics, they know their enemy and how to react in different types of situations. That’s how they have the confidence in themselves to tackle those types of situations. Because they know what’s going on, what might happen and how to react.

The same thing with life.

The more you know about the areas important for you, the more confidence you have in yourself that you can handle any kind of situation. If you go blindly into doing something, especially something important, you will screw it up big because you will be terrified. You won’t know what to expect.

Let me give you even a more physical example. Why a boxer can take hits to the head and withstand, but an unexpected punch makes them K.O.? Because our brain can prepare physically for the impact when it’s anticipated. When it’s not a surprise. That’s why you need all the knowledge possible in those areas you work to improve. To not be surprised when adversity and difficulty comes, and then to properly being able to handle it. It’s sad to see that most people never read one book about improving their relationship, even though there are tons of couples out there. It’s a surprise that they get K.O. by the smallest difficulty?

4. Take daily actions towards your goals

To have more confidence in yourself, you got to have more competence. And competence is gathered by practice. You know what you want, you studied everything about it, now it’s time to practice it every single day. You need to take daily steps towards your dreams in life. Towards the life that you want to build. Otherwise, you will feel sad because you won’t move forward. Therefore, your confidence will go downhill.

We are not talking about huge daily steps.

No. Make them tiny, make them moderate, make them how you can make them, but make sure you do them daily. You eat that apple every day, read from that book every day, spent time with your loved one every day etc. The power of compound actions is amazing over time. You can do something without overwhelming you.

The problem with the majority is that they try to eat the elephant all, it’s too hard, so they have an excuse to give up. They want to do too much in too short time, and it’s something that overwhelms them. That’s why beautiful things in life like health, financial freedom and love got to be linked to tons of pain. Because people tried too much too fast, and then they pointed at it saying: ”Look! It’s too hard.” If you eat it piece by piece it’s not.

5. Enjoy what you have while you go after what you want

“Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all the others.”

Marcus Tullius Cicero

While progress is happiness, and we always should be looking to achieve more from ourselves, we must balance it with appreciation towards what we already have. There’s a lot of amazing blessings around us that we might even take them for granted. The food in our belly, the water in our glasses, the loved ones under our own roof, and the clothes that keep us warm just to count a few. Even our oxygen that we breathe is a blessing from God and the plants that nurture it.

Gratitude makes us complete, and that gives us more strength and more self-confidence.

Gratitude also enriches our self-esteem, which is important for our own personal powers. If we behave like spoiled brats, we won’t have that much confidence in us. Because we will feel we don’t appreciate enough what we have. Nothing should be taken for granted.

Action to take: Make a list of 10 things you thank God for having in your life. They can be small, they can be big, either way, it will boost up your morale and general well-being. Repeat this process every time you feel a lack of self-confidence.

That’s it, guys, these were the 5 tips on how to get more confidence in your own strengths to achieve more and to get the best out of you. If you liked it, leave a comment below and tell us which of these steps will you apply to your life immediately. And make someone happy by sharing this with them, boosting up their confidence as well.

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