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Getting More Confidence Is Easier than You Think

If it would be hard to believe in yourself, you wouldn’t have time or energy left to do what’s really hard: getting things done. I believe self-confidence is just a result of proper focusing and adjusting your feelings together with thoughts. The human spirit is made to be strong. That’s how we invent things, we explore the world and we progress as a human race.

Focus more on accomplishments. 

It’s easy to see the fault in everything but that will make you feel real bad about yourself and about your life. And when you feel bad about yourself you don’t Getting more confidence is easier than you thinkgive out the best, you don’t push the hardest you can push, you don’t give out the last drop of sweat. That’s why you should focus on the bright side.

Celebrate little victories, appreciate what you have and give yourself some credit! It’s hard to accomplish even small things, it’s hard to have that commitment for your dreams, it’s hard to wake up and get motivated into progress every single day. It’s hard to be a loving, compassionate and humble person. So give yourself some credit, it will make you feel good. And when you feel good you can give the best out of you.

Try to take time and celebrate all small victories you encounter in life. It will make all the difference.

Compete with yourself, not with others.

If you try to compete with others you will get easily at the finish line. It’s a narrow thinking that will only limit yourself and your capabilities. Even more than that, God left us all unique. We all can prosper and achieve success, that is true, but what is my strong point is a weak point for another person and vice versa. Feel me? We all have different pros and cons, so judging your skills compared to another is easy to fall into the illusion of achieving greatness, when in fact, you just lack in that area a bit better and that’s all.

More than this, judging others make us feel bad, guilty and unappreciative. It’s much better to be humble and only compete with yourself. The truth is you can learn something from anybody! No matter how less experienced they are, if you look closely, they can give you at least one life lesson. Not to mention that you can learn from their mistakes, you can learn what you shouldn’t do. And when you only compete with yourself, you feel humble and can accept that anyone around you is at the same level. We all are equal and we all can achieve greatness.

When you have that level of compassion, modesty, and wisdom inside, you can easily achieve greatness inside. That greatness comes with confidence, honesty, and strength.

Every time you fail, you have the opportunity to become smarter and stronger. 

Stop seeing problems as roadblocks. They are just means to improve yourself. Every problem is just a challenge that God send you to sculpt your soul, your mind, and your character.

After each and every single obstacle, you can become a better person. There’s a lesson in everything, except victories. You can’t learn anything from a victory, you already mastered that! So you need failures to improve, and improvement brings progress. Progress means happiness; happiness means confidence.

Don’t be afraid to follow your heart. 

Fear always comes when it’s a lack of actions driven by your soul. When you do what your heart tells you, you feel complete, you feel alive ! And that aliveness makes any kind of rational fear disappear.

Fear is natural, is human. Your brain is trying to prepare yourself for eventual failures. There are also some irrational fears, but those have no sense whatsoever. The truth is no rational man can follow a dream like that. You gotta have a passion because you won’t use reasons to get yourself going through all that struggle.

We are emotional creatures. You need the emotional impulse, you need to do what your heart tells you to do. Follow your deepest passions. Otherwise, like I’ve said, there will be tons of rational reasons to give up. That’s the beauty of our heart, that it has reasons mind can’t understand.

Don’t also go blind with your head first, because I don’t think you should just ignore your mind. I think you must find the proper balance between what you feel and what you think. I found a formula that is very easy to understand: your heart tells you WHAT to do, and your mind tells you HOW to do it. You understand? Is that simple, your heart tells you the “what” and your mind tells you the “how”. Don’t try to mix things up, because it will make you unbalanced inside.

Once you managed to find that inner balance to do what you feel in life, with the proper wisdom applied, that will make you very confident in your own strengths. I found that this is the most usual reason people have fears: they don’t follow their hearts. So do what you feel , with wisdom, and live your life to the fullest every single day!

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