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Attitude Influence Emotions, Emotions Influence Actions

And actions determines the results we have. Therefore, attitude is everything. There is a common illusion that getting something achieved will provide a certain feeling when in fact is the other way around. How you feel totally influence what you do.

Let me give you an example

Let’s say two persons go at a museum of art, for the first time, invited by a friend. The same action, environment, and situation. Attitude influence emotions, emotions influence actionsThey both will go on a two hours tour with a close friend. One of them will be excited like: “Amazing, I get to see these awesome pieces of art! My friend really cares about me.” And the other one will be like: “Oh no! Two hours tour? This will feel like forever. My friend will be lucky if I still salute him afterward!”

Can you guess who is the one generally calmer and who is the one more chaotic? This is a no-brainer, right?! The one who is generally more calm will love to see a museum. It’s the same action, the same environment, but there are different reactions for people with different emotions.

Think about the fact this was an unexpected event, that came from an outside source. How about when these people choose their actions?

When it comes to personal choices emotions have the biggest influence

That’s why is a big illusion to think that getting a promotion, getting more money, finding your soul mate, getting that dream car of yours, will make you feel awesome. There are lots of situations when people get to their wish point and they feel like: “Where’s my happiness?”

Ever experienced that? Because sure I did in the past. Got so many times pumped up and excited about getting something done, and when I’ve finally got there it was a little disappointing to see no big emotions appear. So what happens?

Our happiness is directly proportional to our attitude towards life.

If you feel down all the time and look for the bad side in everything, you will feel bad. If you feel joyful, loving, grateful and optimistic for everything you have, you will feel good all the time. And how you feel will determine you to do things that will amplify those feelings. That’s why depressed people get more depressed, and happy people get even happier. Because we always tend to keep our inner consistency.

You’ve seen those people with amazing self-confidence, and you know that’s how they are all the time. You can’t even imagine those people feeling insecure. If you see them depressed one day you quickly say: “Ah, they’ll get over it.” That’s who they are, you say. In fact, that’s who they’ve made themselves be. We choose our emotional habits, either if we realize it or not.

Let’s define attitude

What exactly our attitude towards life means? It’s simply the point of view we choose to have daily. What we focus on, what we think of, what we do every day,  that becomes our habits and how we tend to look at life around us.

Because where some people find endings, others find beginnings. Where others see misfortunes, other see challenges. Where others see difficulties, others see opportunities. And the list can go on forever.

There’s always something positive if you know how to find it. We exclude tragedies that we can’t control and are simply hurtful, but I mean most of the times there are challenges that we can use them to grow. We can transform something that appears negative into positive. We can find a value, a lesson, a catalyst for own strengths in every situation.

That’s the “secret” of having a happy life, filled with love and everything we wish for. That’s how we make our dreams reality and reach our potential.

By constantly being in a state of gratefulness, happiness, compassion and optimism, we will give the best out of us and we will use the best out of our surroundings.

Just as your car runs more smoothly and requires less energy to go faster and farther when the wheels are in perfect alignment, you perform better when your thoughts, feelings, emotions, goals, and values are in balance.  

– Brian Tracy

Nothing is ever perfect, but we can always get the best out of what we have. When that becomes our habit it becomes our reality and who we are.

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