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What Is Motivation and How to Get More

I want to talk about motivation today and what really is it. Because you see, you can’t get something you don’t really understand. It sounds like a simple What is motivation and how to get moreprinciple but what is easy to understand is also easy to misinterpret.

Motivation is the sum of all emotional reasons for us to do something.

You noticed I didn’t say mental reasons. Do you wonder why? Mental reasons can be found in any direction. You can find rational reasons to do anything, as well as reasons to not do it. That makes sense? If you try to find mental reasons to do something, you will be confused after 10 minutes.

Emotional reasons are more stable and more powerful because we are emotional creatures. No matter how intelligent we are, most of our decisions are made based on how we feel.

Even more than this, we need something so powerful and so compelling that pulls us towards it, instead of having to push ourselves into doing something. A dream, a goal or a purpose that creates the most powerful feelings for us.

How does one get emotional reasons?

Are we born with them or we make them? Well, actually both. We all have a destiny and a passion in our hearts that we can’t change, but we also create a lot of emotional reasons ourselves. In fact, you can even succeed without a passion if you create the right emotional reason. Don’t worry about not knowing what your purpose or passion is. Most of the times we discover ourselves in the process of moving forward. The more you try and the more you pursue, the more you feel and the more you learn.

Let me give you some examples of what this means: A boy joins the army because his father is a veteran and he wants to make him proud. After a while, he also discovers that being a protector and a savior is something is his blood. A girl becomes a doctor because she loves people and wants to save as many as possible. These are examples of emotional reasons. They gave a meaning to their profession, a meaning that creates a certain feeling in their hearts, that is so powerful and motivating that it makes their journey fulfilling and enjoying.

Still, these emotional reasons don’t just apply to the career. You want to lose weight because you want to feel more confident and sexier. You want to find your soulmate because you want to feel more love and share more joy and passion. You want to get more money to have more freedom and feel more strength that you can fix anything that comes along. Or you want more money to provide a better life for those that you cherish most.

These beautiful reasons that ignite our heart with passion can be found in any area. More than this, if you take any successful person that managed to change the world with their inspiring words, actions or inventions, you can find that all of them had powerful emotional meanings towards what they did. There’s no rational human being that can go through tremendous amount of work, pressure, and progress to chase something that might even sound unreal. There’s no way you can do that mentally. It’s something that only your heart can motivate you to do.

Great dreams give us great feelings.

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Emotional reasons are powerful and they give us the energy to pursue anything we wish for.

They are different for every individual, but they have in common one thing: they are unshakable.

If you find the right emotional reasons that ignite your soul in the most passionate way, there’s nothing stopping you. You are going through anything to accomplish your goals. You will be unstoppable, relentless in your improvement but also incredibly excited to see yourself going in that direction.

The awesome part about success is that it’s exciting in reward but also in the process of getting it. Just knowing that you are heading in the direction you love and you care for, will give tremendous amounts of joy and passion. This is true motivation.

Why most people lack motivation?

Sadly, is because they follow too much their mental reasons. “I have to do that because that’s something profitable”, “I have to do that because I want people to agree with me”, “I have to do that because that’s what mom thinks is best” or “I have to do that because it’s easier”. All these rational reasons simply cut off  our dreams. We either dream much less than we want, or we don’t even pursue our dreams at all.

I know, it looks impossible most of the times. That’s because you have to find a way. I know, it looks very hard. Because you have to grow into your dreams, you have to struggle and improve to get there. No great treasure lies around easy to be found, with a big sign saying “Come and get me!” NO! That would make the treasure be less valuable. Your desires are hard to get. You must work your way into it, you must struggle, you must improve to become better with each and every step. You must prove that you are worth it.

And you can do all these beautiful struggles to accomplish your sweetest goals when you have the most powerful emotional reason that pulls you towards it.

Thank you for reading this, I wish you the wisdom and strength to create a happy and fulfilled life.

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