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Be Your Own Hero

We all need to be saved sometimes, but it’s in our strength to save ourselves also. Going through hardships can be difficult, but if we learn how to activate our inner strength we can be more powerful than we can imagine.

This article is a mere reflection of my own experience, as I gathered all the knowledge I could to be useful to you, to overcome tough times. Right before we start, let’s remind you that tough times don’t last, tough people do. So how do you become your ownBe Your Own Hero Superman or Wonder Woman?

Do your best

Maybe it’s intuitive or not, but doing your best is actually your best version right now. Even if you don’t do as much as you wish now, because you don’t have the ability yet, doing the best you possibly can help you grow. Will make you more powerful, wiser, it will give you wings that you never had.

It’s like going to the gym and working out those muscles, doing reps until you are completely exhausted. That way you become stronger and your muscles rebuild tougher. It’s the same way with our character, our souls, and our minds. The more we push them to our best self, the faster and stronger we can grow.

And as you progress you will feel happy. You will have that inner peace that you tried your best. You will feel strong and alive. This is the nr 1 “secret” of success: doing the best you possibly can, in all the areas of your life that you want to improve.

If you feel down it’s because you didn’t give your best. Either if you got your heartbroken and decided to quit, or you just feed yourself excuses, not giving your best is what makes you feel depressed and feeling like dying inside. Turn the tables and be your best self! No excuses.

Love yourself more

You’ve been through tough times, you overcame a lot, you did all you could. Give yourself some break. Allow yourself to recharge your own mental, emotional and physical batteries. Give yourself a tap on the shoulder. Even hug yourself. Why not? You deserve it. Stop putting yourself down. Love yourself unconditionally.

You are human, you made errors, it’s part of our nature. But instead of using our past as burden, we should use it a library. We have so many things to learn and it will dramatically change our lives. The bigger hardships you faced, the wiser you can become. You are carrying out a gem into those pains. Use it. If you put yourself down all the time, nobody can cheer you up. Because nothing is as powerful as what you do to yourself. You can destroy yourself, or you can build yourself. The choice is yours.

To love yourself right now, just as you are, is to give yourself heaven. Don’t wait until you die. If you wait, you die now. If you love, you live now.

– Alan Cohen

Have faith

Have faith in God, have faith in humanity, have faith in the positive outcome, have faith in yourself. Nothing can be done without faith. If we lose faith, we lose our ability to do things. We will be fearful and unwilling to make steps towards chasing our dreams and living our lives. You got to have faith to live.

I mean really live, not just survive.

You got to have faith to drive a car. You got to have faith to love unconditionally another person. You can’t do anything without faith, and if you don’t do anything that’s when you start to die inside. Because we are made to stretch, to grow, to progress, to achieve. We are designed for greatness.

Don’t worry if you don’t see how it will be better. That’s why it’s called faith. Because it’s not obvious to the human eye. We don’t understand some things until we get there and we look back and connect the dots. But we got to have faith in our ability to figure things. And we will figure things out, as we go along. Being a hero means that you believe in yourself and a greater good when all odds are against you.

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Turn your pain into passion

Now let me tell you what saved my life. I’ve been through my shares of having my heart broken, and one of the biggest was the fact that I never knew my father (he died 1 month before I was born). But at some point, I realized I can’t let this consume me.

So I asked myself: How can I turn something negative into positive? The answer was simple. I used the pain of not having a father into the passion of becoming the best father ever for my future kids. So they won’t miss anything: love, money, caring, protection.

That’s what saved my life. I said, “because I know how much it hurts to not be loved I will be the most loving man for my future family”. I transformed my pain into the passion for working on myself for being a better man every day.

There are some pains that we can’t control, and maybe you’ve faced much worse. But I’m telling you, we can turn anything around and use it as fuel that ambitions us. Think about the people that start a charity in the memory of a loved one lost. I think this is one of the greatest tragedy you can face. And still, in the center of this emotional crisis, they decide to focus their energy to help other people, so others won’t go through the same.

Isn’t this the most beautiful human trait? Our ability to turn our pain into something positive, that will help us and help others too? I believe it is.

Protect what’s yours

If you are becoming a victim, it is mostly because you don’t protect. You don’t protect yourself, your health, your heart, your time, your happiness, and all the beautiful things you achieved. You can’t blame the weeds for taking up your garden. It is your task to destroy the weeds so you protect your crops.

Everything good in life must be achieved with relentless and protected with ferocity.

Don’t be so naive to think that just because you are good at heart everyone else is. There are people that spent their lives destroying and taking advantage of others. There’s a difference between being kind and being a victim. Being kind is a strength, and it requires a big amount of emotional intelligence.

But that also implies you protect yourself at need. It also implies that you don’t allow your soul to be abused. It also implies that you won’t allow your happiness, serenity, and love to be stolen away. Because nothing happens without your consent.

Nothing is as powerful as the human spirit. You can’t kill the human spirit. If you make a powerful decision that you are strong, but also kind and loving, that you are compassionate, but also protective of yourself and those you love, there’s no one and nothing that can stand against that. I hope this helps you out.

You can be your own hero, in such a way that you can go and be someone else’s hero after that. If you are happy, if you are strong, if you are protected, then you can share all of these with the ones that you love. Now you got a double reason to be strong.

Think about your life: What act of bravery you decide to do for yourself or already did? Share it with us in the comments, it might help someone. God bless you.

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