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The Message That Emotions Try to Send Us

Don’t get trapped in the illusion that emotions are your enemy. Nowadays the amount of information we have available make it easier for us to become very intelligent. Nevertheless, we are emotional creatures. We are guided and influenced by what we feel, and if we don’t learn how to control our emotions we will be controlled by them. In order to control our emotions, we need to understand them first.

Emotions act like a guiding system. You instinctively feel what is good and what is bad in life based on your mindset.The message that emotions try to send us More exactly is based on what you associate pain and pleasure with. We are made to react quickly this way and use our feelings, our gut, to make swift decisions in everyday actions. If we would sit around and think about everything we need to do, we wouldn’t accomplish anything in life. That’s why most of the times we just have to do it and trust our instincts.

Having a feeling while doing something is awesome because you basically go with the flow. The problem comes when we have certain feelings but we don’t do anything about it. We just try to block them out or ignore them, but they will eventually force their way out. Sometimes our emotions ask for something to do, something to say or maybe just a change in our mindset. No matter what your emotions try to tell you, you have to understand the message first. Sit down and listen.

Over thinking and using a lot of brain drugs (coffee, energy drinks etc.) make us lose the connection between our mind and our heart. We have it by birth, and you can easily watch a child following his heart as a daily routine. Meanwhile, we grow up and we forget to listen to our emotions. But in this process, we lose our lives, because our heart tells us what makes us happy and fulfilled, not our mind. Our heart tells us what we want to become. Our mind just tells us how to do it. Our heart is the “what” and our mind is the “how“.

If you feel sadness and angriness that means you don’t like something about your life, something around you. You need to act either to change the situation to make it how you like it or to change yourself, to make better decisions and attracting the types of people you like. Most of the times you are angry at yourself and your lack of taking action. That means you are just wasting your time without making daily progress towards your goals.

If you feel frustrated and stressed out that means you focus too much on things that don’t matter for you or you don’t like. So you need to refocus and give your attention to those things in life that you want: love, family, a specific profession, financial independence, traveling etc.  Also, you should focus on the things you have: health , possibilities, all the blessings around you, your family and loved ones.

If you feel depressed that means you believe that nothing around you can be changed or your dreams are out of your reach, and that makes you give up on taking action. This is depression: the feeling that you get when it’s a lack of action because of the lack of confidence. You need to do the things you want, no matter if you have fears or no experience about it. You will grow to know how to do things better, but the first requirement is for you to start! Depression is a common success killer these days, so it must be avoided at all costs. Whenever you start to feel depressed do something to make you feel good. Remember: Competences comes the more you do it, and the more competence you get, the more confidence you have.

If you feel gratitude inside that means you can deeply appreciate all the riches you have in your life. There are people dying of thirst, hunger or war, so having the comfort of a home, clean water, warm clothes and food, people to love around you, that makes you a rich person. Appreciate what you have and you will get the energy necessary to go after what you want.

If you feel love and compassion that means you appreciate and cherish the life through all its forms. God made this amazing world, and we should love the people, animals and nature that it’s breathing in it. Love is the purest and complete feeling in the world. Everything made with love and for love is made to be great and successful.

If you feel happy that means you achieved a complete state. This is the highest level of feeling that you can get. This means you have love in your heart for those around you, you cherish what you have and have gratitude, and you are on the road to fulfillment to get what you want from your life.

I want to make it clear that what emotions you cultivate in your heart daily, those are the emotions you have and grow. Your inner world shapes your outer world, not the other way around. So what you want in your life: love, compassion, peace, gratitude, happiness; need to be cultivated and activated daily!

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