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Following your Passion Is the Best Road to Success

There is the only road?

No. But it’s easier to have something so appealing that it pulls you towards it than to have to push yourself every day into doing something. It’s easier to get the best out of you and become better every day when you are happy with what you do. This is the path of becoming the best version of yourself. That happens when you follow your heart and work on what you are passionate about.

Let’s take a moment and watch one of the most inspirational speeches made by Steve Jobs in 2005.

Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.
Steve Jobs

His legacy is one of the biggest inspiration for pursuing your dreams in life. Your passion, what you love and what your heart wants the most.

Why is so important to follow your passion for having success?

Because it’s hard. It doesn’t matter how your success looks like for you, it doesn’t matter what department you want to work in and it doesn’t matter how much Following your passion is the best road to successresources you have at the beginning. Is going to be HARD. That is how is supposed to be. It supposed to make you struggle and feel like you are really worth it when you get it.

No pain, no gain.

That’s why passion is crucial into finding success. No rational man ever said: “Wow, this is very hard. Let’s do this!” There’s no logic into struggling like that. There is a passion for doing that, a drive, a heart pumping in your chest telling you “This is important for you, do it NOW!”

We are emotional people, no matter how much intelligence we try to have. It’s good to have wisdom, in fact, is crucial to have it. But you need to have it to know how to do what you feel. The mind does what the heart wants. Simple as that. There’s no other way around it.

Sure, you can have success in anything if you commit yourself enough. Even if you dislike your work so much that you can’t wait to finish it. Nevertheless, even with all the success and glory in the world, you will feel empty at the end of the day. You will feel like your life just passes you by. Like you are wasting valuable time and precious talents. You feel like that because you do that.

If you don’t follow your passion, your talents, your vision, you are just wasting your life. You are left on this Earth with a purpose. It doesn’t matter how big it is in the eyes of others, it matters how big it is in your eyes. If for you, something is the most important thing in the world, you must do it. For yourself, for your life and for your happiness.

No matter how hard the road to your dream is, only the fact you are pursuing it makes you happy

If you do what you love, you will feel the excitement in every obstacle. Problems will be like challenges, and you can’t wait to be challenged to grow again. You can’t wait to make your work even better. This is awesome!

You can be months away from your dream, years, it doesn’t matter. You will feel happy and fulfilled just because you are heading that way. Only the sight of your dream, as a destination point, will make you so excited and so happy that you will overcome anything in your path.

Life is just too short to not live it exactly how do you truly want it. Live with passion and live your dreams! What piece of information will you take from this article and apply to your life right now? Share it with us in the comments.

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