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Gratitude Is the Energy of Action

There is a saying:

Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others.”

― Marcus Tullius Cicero

When we are grateful we are instantly filled inside with unlimited amounts of joy. There are so many things in life, Gratitude is the energy of actioncountless in fact, that are a blessing to have. Our families, health, loved ones, our job, our homes and even our smartphones and laptops; these and much more are simply riches. In a world where hunger and war still destroy people’s life, we have so many amazing things to be happy about.

Why is gratitude empowering us

Gratitude gives us a sense of humility. It makes us humble in front of the riches that God pour into our lives. It makes us happy because we have so many things around us.

We, as humans, sometimes tend to look so much on what we don’t have that we forget what we do have. That’s why creating a deep level of gratitude is essential for our happiness. And if you are happy, if you have joy and passion inside, so you have everything you need to go after what you wish for. We have everything we need around us to make it happen. We just need the proper motivation to make it happen.

Gratitude is also empowering our love life. If we are grateful for those that we love and love us back, we can appreciate them more and therefore we can love them more. And the more you love, the more love you get back. If you think your relationship is breaking down a little bit, try to add more gratitude into it. It will make that flame bigger in no time.

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How to get more gratitude

Stop and look around you. Sounds simple because it’s that simple. We don’t need complicated ways to bring happiness into our lives. All you need to do is stop rushing and take the time to appreciate all those blessings around you. You don’t need a 24 / 7 standing around and looking. But one hour a day to consciously see and feel what you have is all you need to light up that volcano of gratitude inside of you.

Think about those that are misfortuned. Think about those that die because of hunger, thirst or war. It’s not a happy image and I don’t like to see people suffering either, I would take all the suffering in the world if I could. But this image acts as a wake-up call. It makes us instantly realize how rich we are. We have a house, warm food and clothes, loving persons around us and clean water. That makes us incredibly rich.

Almost 1 billion people on Earth don’t have clean drinking water and access to proper sanitization , according to TheThirstProject. That’s 1 person from 8 of us. Speaking about this fundraising , helping people in need is a great way to get more gratitude and compassion into our hearts. So you can check out that project and if you can, help those people in desperate need of clean water.

How to use gratitude effectively

Gratitude should be followed by an action. It’s an energy inside of us and it should be used to achieve something we want. Either if it’s our dream house, forever-lasting relationship or helping other people, we must take action into fulfilling our lives and shaping our reality in a way that makes us entirely happy. What our hearts want the most, that’s what we should get with the energy we have. Don’t let it stay there because it will make you feel miserable just laying around doing nothing.

So it’s very important to be focused. To have a plan, to know exactly what you want. Write it down with details: what makes you truly happy? Once you picture it and after getting the required energy from gratitude, you can easily see how to get things done. You just have to start first!

Always remember: If you have a dream, you have a way to make it happen also. What dreams will you pursue with your new found amounts of energy? Leave a comment below.

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