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Emotions Are of Two Types: Complete and Incomplete

Mastering our emotions means mastering our lives. And the way to master our emotions is to understand them properly. I think there is a better way to tag emotions rather than positive and negative. This new approach will also give you a better insight about how emotions work.

This is how I think emotions are labeled:

  • Complete: They don’t rely on the exterior, they don’t have any dependency. They flourish regardless of the surroundings. They make you feel complete. Complete emotions are gratitude, peace, love, happiness, compassion, optimism, liveliness and fulfillment.
  • Incomplete: They always make a link to an external source. Either if the link provides good feelings or bad, it’s a dependency that in long-term is harmful. These emotions make you feel empty, worthless and constantly hurt. Incomplete emotions are hate, depression, pride, sadness, pessimism, ingratitude, laziness and lust.

You see, the main reason negative emotions make you feel bad is the addiction they have to an external source.

Incomplete emotions always react to their Emotions are of two types complete and incompleteenvironment. These small emotions need to be redirected somewhere but not shared. The main reason is because they don’t belong to our heart. Incomplete emotions are mostly a result of the mind.

On the bright side

Complete emotions grow inside your heart regardless of what is around you.

Love is unconditional, happiness is shared with those around you, compassion is the act of caring for people and so on. The complete emotions are what our hearts are made of. They make us feel complete, fulfilled, they give us a purpose in life, a direction, a meaning, the energy to accomplish things, the mindfulness to see every opportunity and blessings around us, they make us sensible to other people’s feelings etc.

They don’t have a dependency and they ask to be shared. The more we share them, the more we have them.

Now you can completely understand why a depressed person is more able to feel sadness or hate, instead of love and happiness. Also, that’s why happy persons find the optimistic view of a situation regardless of how tough the situation might be. Once you have complete emotions, it’s easier to stick to them. The same thing with incomplete ones.

Emotions amplify once we share them with those around us, regardless of their type

But why they are so harmful these incomplete emotions?

Why they degrade our lives? Mostly because of their dependency and the need to be redirected. And because they stop us from growing and becoming better persons, they stop our progress. When we hurt people we hurt ourselves even more. That’s why these are so toxic for our lives. If you would live by yourself in a cave with no human interaction whatsoever, the only person affected by your incomplete emotions would be you.

With people that love us, that socialize with us and make part of our daily lives, you can easily hurt somebody who needs a little compassion or an act of kindness.

Consciously, maybe you don’t even notice because you don’t want to notice, yet the feeling of hurting someone’s heart will stick with you forever. Incomplete emotions are selfish because they always gravitate around “me”.

Positive emotions are different

They make us feel good in a way that we want to make other people feel good also.

A smile to a coworker, giving food to a homeless person or telling somebody you love how much he/she means to you, these acts make you feel good while bringing the sunshine in others’ lives. These emotions nurture us, empower us, gives us energy and clear vision.

They don’t need a response back but will appreciate a positive return from the bottom of the heart. Complete emotions make us feel full inside. Full of gratitude, joy, love and compassion, that all we want is to share these feelings with the people we love. Even with strangers. These emotions are the foundation of life.

They are worth living for and dying for. Complete emotions are selfless because they always gravitate around “we”.

Make someone happy, and you will be happy.

Note: Some people confuse addictions with love. They either feel lust or some kind of link for their own toxic feelings in another person, but that’s not love. It’s just an incomplete dependency.

Love doesn’t create dependency. Love simply translate: “I want you to be happy, even if that includes me or not.” Love is unconditional. I love you because I love you. And to find your soul mate, the person whom you are meant to spend your life with, is also simple. That special someone will love you as much as you love him/her.

I wish you to create a life of complete emotions, my friend! 🙂 What changes will you apply to your life after reading this article? Share it with us in the comments. 

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