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Muscular Symmetry is the Fastest Way to Get Fit

Working out all the muscles is not just about aesthetics. It’s the fastest way to gain muscle mass, to lose weight and to accelerate metabolism. Why is this happening and how we can use it to our advantage are the points we will debate in this article. We will also talk about the risk of muscle imbalance.

Symmetry is our power

You don’t have to be an artist to realize that our bodies are a work of art. Even a small piece of our body, like our hands, can’t be replaced in its ingenuity withMuscular symmetry is the fastest way to get fit all the advanced technology available. Every single cell and organ working in perfect harmony together, collaborating and growing, changing and evolving, healing and get stronger. Muscles are the strongest example of this harmony, pun intended.

The role of our muscles is to give our shape, protect our organs and do all the activities that our bodies have to do, internally or externally. The more symmetrical our muscles are developed, the more strength and stamina we have. Think about a car that has one tire deflated. The car is going to be slower, waste more gasoline and risk to lose control. But with all tires perfectly matched, the speed, autonomy, and control are at the peak.

It’s about the number

It’s a no-brainer that having more muscles tensed are better than to have a few. When they are active, muscles continuously consume energy, and that accelerates our metabolism. The faster our metabolism is, the faster we gain more muscle mass. The muscles get stronger and the cycle goes on and on. This is the fastest way to get fit.

It’s about the harmonic tension

Muscles are made to hold on each other. If one is stronger than the other, the other one will just stretch and this way our balance will have to suffer.

That’s why the perfect body shape is when all the muscles are equally strong, so they hold on each other with the same grip. You might think: “what about those times when we tense certain groups of muscles during daily activities”? Actually, our body use a lot of groups into doing one single gesture. There is no way to not work out all your body doing regular physical activities.

The only problem appears when you go to the gym and you don’t have a workout routine to do your entire body, or you are just doing crunches all the time hoping that this will make you a six-pack.

PS: If you want a simple but intense workout to train your whole body check out Total Body Circuit Workout.

It’s about our DNA structure

Tell me an animal that has both types of individuals: extremely fat and extremely skinny. You can’t find one because there’s no DNA structure that would ask for diversity. If an animal is made to be fat (because it’s survival depends on that), they will all be. The same thing with the skinny.

Our DNA structure is made to give us a fit and strong body. Yes, deep inside you already have hard rock abs. But why we deviate our body from how we are made to be? Because we interfere with its balance.

We are made to be fit and strong but in a symmetrical way

When we have a perfect balance we become the strongest and it is the fastest way to get fit. When you follow and encourage that full body training, your metabolism will quickly accelerate and things will go faster than you ever believed. The body will just achieve its shape that is programmed to have it, you just give it a little push in that direction.

All this basically means that 100 jumping jacks are much more efficient than 10,000 crunches. Jogging, aerobics, yoga, fitness training, cycling, swimming, football, anything that trains your whole body is very efficient at getting the best shape. Especially if you properly do weight training, with a workout routine that trains all big groups of muscles during the week, the results will be amazing. You won’t believe how fast you will burn fat, how fast you will gain muscles and how good you will look. Your body will change right before your eyes. I’ve felt it on my own.

Risk of asymmetry: Your body is exposed to getting hurt

When we were designed, the perfect survival body shape was made. We are symmetrical so we can be stronger, do a wide range of movements and have a complete muscle structure to protect our vital organs and sustain our skeleton. Having muscles that are not as strong proportionally can lead to injury, joint failures and even spinal disc problems.

A great article to read is The Danger of Muscle Imbalances and the Importance of Symmetry. It details, even more, the importance of having a balanced muscle development, and what are the risk of muscle imbalance.

Also, check out this interview with Brian Riemersma talking about muscular balance on Fox17:

I hope this article is helpful. Which lesson you got from it and what changes will you make to your fitness program? Share it with us in the comments.

So go out there and get your symmetrical best shape! 💪👏

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