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Killing Time Means Killing Yourself

There’s no cute way around it. Think about your dreams, your goals, your family, loved ones, what you have and what you want to have. Killing time is killing the chances to enjoy what you have or to get what you want.

Of course, we need some time off to relax and get our strengths back.

But only as long as we ready to get back into action. Every area of your life needs your attention. Even your relationship! Or better said, especially your relationship. Oh, you thought that watching TV with your loved one means you give attention to your lover? Nope. Love requires attention, romantic meals, small gestures of affection, gifts, talking, walking in the park and everything that makes you connected and communicative with each other. Even playing like kids in bed is much better than sitting around watching TV all day.

I think the most common reason people fail in life, regardless the area, it’s self-sabotage.

Nobody stops you from achieving your goals, you stop yourself. People can slow you down, yes, but they can never stop you. Nobody takes love out of your life, you just stop giving it and nurture it. You don’t have limits, only the ones you impose yourself to have. It’s that simple. Nothing ends until you stop.

Why is self-sabotage so present in these days?

Why most people live their lives without pursuing their passions and without filling fulfilled?

Because we tend to give more attention to distractions.

Gossips, fashion, TV shows, video games, nothing that can help you out. It’s entertaining but it’s not Killing time means killing yourselfbringing value into your life. It doesn’t make you grow, be better, wiser and achieve greater potential. It doesn’t make you progress.

Bruce Lee used to say:

If you love life don’t waste time because that’s what life is made from.

The truth is nothing that is good in this world can’t be achieved without proper work and dedication. Kindness requires good deeds. Love requires acts of love. Finances require constant work. Even spirituality have its share of work needed. Not to mention your health. It’s a constantly improving and achieving game. That’s what life’s about! If you just want to sit back and relax all day long, you basically don’t want to be alive. If you don’t feel productive, worth it and valuable you can’t feel alive.

We are made to take action into progressing

We are made to achieve anything we want to achieve. We are made to make a difference in this world and in the life of people around us. That’s why killing time is just a killing of own self.

Any moment and situation in life can be used in a good and productive way. Either if you give someone your love, either if you work for a charity or you study some self-development books, anything can be useful if you just have the initiative of making it useful.

I consider that human race is the most adaptive race. In fact, if you ask me that’s our main strong skill. We are not the physically strongest, but we have a great intellect. The sole purpose of our minds is to be adaptive. To see opportunity in everything, to learn fast so we can achieve fast and to become better and stronger. That’s our human nature.

What’s your purpose in this world? To make something real, to make a difference, to love, to raise a family. All these beautiful things ask one thing from you: your time. So please, stop wasting time on things that are not worth it for your life. Have a productive life, my friend. Best of luck! 

Cornel Manu

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