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Motivation Requires Daily Training

We are born to achieve greatness and to be motivated by doing so. It’s a natural skill but is a choice to practice it. We all encounter pain in life and our best choice is to choose the pain of discipline rather than the pain of regret.

Here is something interesting.

If there is one thing all successful people have in common, is the fact that they have daily habits to motivate themselves. If you don’t put yourself in that state of motivation and excitement about life, when challenges come you will be unprepared, untrained. So, as you can see, motivation is like a muscle. Like any other muscle it needs proper training to keep strong and healthy, otherwise, it will become weak and sick. That’s why people tend to have a lack of motivation because they have a lack in training their motivation.

How to train your motivation

Motivation training is simple but must be a daily habit. It goes in a variety of forms. Either plan your future and see your dreams as are already done, Motivation requires daily traininglisten to some audio from motivational speakers , think about your day and how to properly deal with the things you have to do, or just simply come here on this blog and read motivational articles. Anything that is related to motivation and is optimistically focused on pushing yourself into own potential is good to train your ambition.

Personally, I listen daily the audios from Tony Robbins and that’s been a really helpful source of inspiration for me. Just to get in that proper state of achievement and greatness. It’s amazing. I also follow on social media inspirational people like Brendon Burchard or John C. Maxwell.

Sounds simple, right?

Another good way to motivate yourself is to try finding a lesson in life experiences. Sometimes things that hurt us and they are out of our control happens, but we can always control how we react to it and how we see that situation. We see it as an end or as a beginning? We see it as an obstacle or opportunity? The choice is ours all the time. So, what I try to do daily is to understand the things that hurt me. Finding that piece of wisdom I might missed it.

We will never be perfect, but we can always perfect ourselves. That makes us progress. And progress means happiness.

Physical activities can also help us get motivated

There is a strong correlation between our body and our mind. Everything you do physically have a certain impact on your mood. Have you ever seen a depressed person dancing, playing sports or hitting the gym? No. That’s because all those activities make you feel good. Scientific studies showed how working out help you be more happy, focused and balanced. It’s a link between stress relief and physical activities.

So while is good to train your mind into having a motivated vision, it’s much stronger impact if you help it out with your body. If you do some physical activities that make you feel good and be stronger and healthier.

“The one who sweats more in training bleeds less in war.”

Gratitude is the mother of all virtues

There is nothing as cheerful and empowering like appreciating the things we already have. Sure, we want to do this and accomplish that, but if we don’t take the time to appreciate what we already have we won’t have the energy necessary to go after our dreams.

Stop and smell the roses. 🌹

Appreciate what you have, think about your loved ones and how important they are for you. Share some love and compassion around. Give a call and tell somebody how much they mean to you. Give some food to a homeless person and see him / her smile in return. Most of us have so many riches in our life because other people die of hunger, war, and thirst. Let’s nurture that feeling of gratitude inside.

God blessed us with everything we could ask for. We have the technology, the resources and the knowledge available at our fingertips, and that is not just figuratively. We have everything we could need. So let’s take the best of what we have and deliver the best of who we can be.

How is this article helpful for you, and what changes will you apply in your life? Share it with us in the comments. The world needs us, each one of us, to achieve our full potential. Is nothing more amazing and inspiring as a positively motivated person. God bless you all!

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