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Change the Way You See Yourself and You’ll Change Who You Are

Your self-image is what shapes your life, because everything you do, say and think are a reflection of it.

Even if you realize it or not, your self-image gives your results. Change the way you see yourself and you change your life. The problem is some people spent their lives never wondering what their self-image is or how to reshape it. They just see themselves how others taught them to do it, and they keep following that pattern.

Whatever it is you see yourself, successful or unsuccessful, rich or poor, weak or strong, loving or hateful, ugly or beautiful, this is the way you manifest on the outside. You will do and say things that will reinforce or guide you towards your own image.

Any geek knows this: when you talk about computers, there’s no such thing as randomness.

A software that generates random numbers has a certain algorithm to follow. The results might look random, but what created it was a carefully selected pattern. It’s the same thing with our brain. We believe that some things we do, think and say are random and instinctive, but they follow a certain pattern. And that pattern is our self-image.

Our minds aim to keep a consistent pattern

There’s an automatic process involved, just like in a software, to follow the pattern it was chosen in the self-image. It’s like a plan of action. Ok, maybe you didn’t pick the way you see yourself, but you accepted it and that’s a choice. Your self-image up until this point might just be a sum of all external factors, including family, friends, lovers, society, that squeezed ideas into what to believe about yourself.

That’s why you usually see rich kids being confident about themselves and what they can do, and children born in much harsher conditions having a lot of limited beliefs. The only difference is when the person decides to change its own image the way he or she likes it.

The thing is, your brain is objective, and it doesn’t care what you chose to believe about yourself.

It just takes it as it is, and use that pattern to automatically direct you towards there. It’s like a blueprint that your subconscious mind uses to mold everything about you. The good news is that you can consciously choose the blueprint you follow. You can choose your own image, the way you see yourself.

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Our self-image equals our standards

Any time you sincerely want to make a change, the first thing you must do is to raise your standards. – Anthony Robbins

The way you see yourself is entirely based on what do you accept to have in your life and what you don’t accept to have. For example: if you see yourself a fit Change the way you see yourself and you’ll change the way you arelooking person, that means you accept to be healthy and look good, and you will never accept to gain weight or look unappealing.

And everything you do will be a reinforcer of your image.

This is the reason some people can’t quit smoking, watching 4 hours TV or eating junk food. It’s because they didn’t raise their standards, and they didn’t see themselves as healthy good-looking individuals. Maybe they push themselves a little bit to go into healthy routines, but ultimately that voice inside that tells them “You can’t do this” will make them abandon.

That inner voice actually means: “You can’t do this because it’s not your self-image. It’s not on the blueprint”.

When you raise your standards and say “That’s it! I had it! From now on I will be healthy and fit, no matter what!” that’s when you change your self-image. You truly believe you are going to look good and feel good, and you already see yourself like that. When you change the way you see yourself, everything else will change accordingly.

Everything we do, say and think resonates with our standards

It’s something beautiful about this automatic pattern follower because it’s made to make our lives better. Our lives are based on constant decisions and actions, therefore will be very exhausting to decide everything consciously. That’s why we have automatic processes in the subconscious mind that take care of pattern following activities. Like your breathing, your heart rate, your hormones, but also your instincts, actions, and drives.

Have you ever noticed how you tend to do some things, and ignore others? That’s the automatic guiding system we have.

And it’s entirely based on the standards we have. If you take a person that is highly confident and positive and give that person the most difficult situation, maybe you shook him or her for a while, but after that, they will get back on their own track. Because that’s who they believe they are! Confident and positive.

On the other side, take someone who is constantly negative and depressed, and give that person the best situation possible. Maybe you will make that individual happy for a moment, but after a while, they get back on their own track: their negatively depressed own-self.

Everything we do is based on how we see ourselves. That’s why some people look like they never lose, or they never experience pain, defeat, and loss. Not because they don’t have those kinds of moments, but they see themselves as strong, confident, positive and loving individuals. And they always act as that image.

There are sometimes little exceptions, but most of the times we follow the plan. Our own blueprint.

I wish you to think about your own image and your desires, and shape your image to your desires. See yourself like you already have your dream body, your dream relationship, your dream bank account or anything you wish for. See and believe that you are already there. And the more you do that, the more you will behave in a way that will reflect your self-image, inevitably leading you towards there. To your success! 👏

People are rewarded in public for what they practice for years in private. – Anthony Robbins

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