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Success Leave Clues. Learn to Find Them

Either if you are a starting entrepreneur who just opened a new business or a college student who wants to make some extra cash, there’s already someone whoSuccess leave clues. Learn to find them managed to successfully do it before you. It’s hard to find something that hasn’t already been done at this time and age.

The advantage is that you can quickly learn the tips of progressing if you know how to look for the clues. There are certain habits and skills developed by those who financially succeed.

This basically means that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel but you can improve it and make some money out of it. Now, let’s clarify that I understand the importance of originality and personal touch. But originality should be invested only in the product or service you offer.

When you talk about the methods of getting money, things are mostly the same. The fundamentals are the same and that makes them easy to learn.

Never stop learning

Don’t ever consider that you are good enough or skilled enough in the financial area. Always look for ways to improve yourself and your methods. There’s always something new to learn.

The most successful people in the world are the ones who are capable of changing themselves constantly to progress. The ones that are flexible into learning are the winners. Those who think that they have the perfect formula, idea or skills, end up broke.

The next thing that comes is mind: where do you get these clues?

Find mentors in your niche, those people who have already achieved the financial level you want to achieve. Study them and try to understand their way of thinking. It’s very easy to pick up trails, especially when we talk about a niche that you are passionate about.

For example, I love to do websites. I don’t call myself a web designer because I don’t do only this. But I’ve been working on my projects since 14 years old. If I go to a website and I really love the way it looks, I start to study it and try to understand how the creator managed to make that design. It’s very easy for me to pick up trails because it’s something I am very passionate about and I have already a certain degree of experience.

Follow your passions

If you don’t love what you do, you won’t have the patience necessary to learn. I think this is the most common reason people fail in the financial area. They often choose what other people tells them that is good, and they lack the determination to become the best at what they do.

Every method is good if somebody already did it, but if it’s not something that fits won’t be good for you.  Nobody rational would stay up nights after nights to study and implement more progress in what they do.

There has to be some passion pushing you forward your dreams. There must be a drive making you willing to work and study that extra mile. Because that extra mile will make the difference between success and failure.

Be very flexible in your approach

What you want to do in life is something that you should decide based on your passions. There is something stable about it. Also, your moral values must be unshakable.

Nevertheless, the methods that you will use to make your financial dreams real will be very different. In fact, you must be very flexible in constantly learning and improving yourself. There is no magic formula and no stability when it comes to finances.

This is an illusion. Let’s say I make 50000$/year now, the same amount after 5 years and I consider myself safe. Meanwhile, prices go up, taxes are spicier and my properties are getting less valuable. As time goes by and I don’t progress, I lose money and value.

Or let’s say I have a soda company and I stopped to change something after I reached a certain level of clients. Meanwhile, other companies progress, have better promotions, better customer feedback, social media activity and faster expansion. Sooner than I think of, it takes away most of my clients.

When you stop progressing you start to fail. Simple as that.

The constant need of progressing and flexibility is because the marketplace is made of people and for people. People change, market change, feelings change. It’s a constant adaptation that any successful money-maker should have. Any money making formula works for a while, but without a routine of progress will eventually fail.

Expand your area of expertise

Don’t just pick your one niche and that’s it. It’s very dangerous to rely on only one area of expertise. It might go down and you will find yourself broke and without having other experience.

Always expand, always look for alternative ways. Nowadays we don’t have the limitations we had in our history. Now if you are an artist and you love painting, you can be a photo editor with Photoshop, tattoo artist, hair styler, web designer etc. There’s a multitude of niches that expand from one. You can even find your own personal approach and start an original new niche.

The key to getting money is constantly learning and progress. When you are a newbie, finding clues in what other people do to succeed is a valuable time saver and bankroll booster. Don’t reinvent the wheel, just improve it. 

Now it’s your turn! What key insight you found on this article and what changes will you apply to your life? What other success clues tips you have? Share it with us in the comments below. 

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