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Productivity Is Proportional with Rest and Freedom

Efficiency equals the value you bring to your work, either if you work in an office, you are a musician or entrepreneur.

But the value doesn’t mean the work Productivity is proportional with rest and freedomhours we invest into what we do. Maybe because we are not robots and we cannot fully operate under continuous pressure. More than this, there are a lot of studies that shows more relaxed workers on top of the productivity scale.

That’s because we can do more in two hours in our optimal state than we can do in two days being stressed out, not to mention the amount of time needed to correct the mistakes we do when we are less efficient.

Excessive tiredness simply makes our brain act like we are drunk. That’s a self-protection instinct that shields our brain cells from permanent damage.

By understanding the cause and why this happens, you can simply aid your brain to recover and not pushing yourself beyond the scale of tiredness with lots of caffeine.

Every time you fully recover you will come back more efficient than before.

“The carrot and the stick” attitude is affecting efficiency

We don’t like to be fenced out and pushed into doing something, even if there’s a reward after it.

We must have discipline but that means we push ourselves into doing it, which is constructive. But when we are forced into doing what is not in our pleasure or beliefs we will feel stress. As stress comes along, productivity starts to get affected because we can’t focus and use our imagination.

You might think that doing something that is repeatable makes it easier when in fact is the opposite effect. We need challenges and excitement to do our best, otherwise, we will feel depressed. The reward system doesn’t compensate for the lack of freedom we have.

There are lots of companies that now let employees work their own schedule, just asking them to deliver the projects at a specific date, and they find this very financially efficient.

Overworking has long-term losses

Cumulated stress, depression, the lack of vision, no time to replenish our mindset and learn our lessons, no time to focus on progress, all these things over time result in the lowest productivity level possible.

Relaxation aid our progress and productivity, overworking hurts them. Get rid of the fear of not working enough time, because in long-term you will be more affected if you push yourself or your employees too much. In fact, you will be a lot affected. When we start to wear down, mistakes and bad choices are inevitable coming in avalanches.

I am a workaholic, I have to admit that. I used to push myself nights after nights, depriving myself of sleep and relaxation to the point I was a zombie. And I learned is not ok. I don’t say that you should stay all day watch TV, there are relaxing but productive habits too.

Read a book, watch a motivational video, workout or just go somewhere where you can be alone with your thoughts. Relaxation is crucial, as long as it lasts until you are ready to get back in the business again. Keep in mind that everything you do is for your progress. When relaxation becomes a purpose, that’s when it’s bad.

When you are rested and relaxed productivity is sky-high

You have fresh ideas, energy to work, excitement for your projects, passion for life and many other traits that are awesomely helpful for your goals. You had time to rethink your methods, to improve yourself, to progress, to make a better version of yourself.

You had time to become the best of you again.

Remember: The value is what determines your income, not your time. Some get more value from your time, better than others. That means your purpose is to get more value, and that is possible when you become better.

Focus on optimization, not work hours

Like I’ve said above, we are not robots. We are not fixed machines that can be calculated using fixed measurements.

When we are top productive we can outclass our tired version ten times over. Hours means nothing. For example, if you are a painter, you can push yourself for days to work and you won’t get that masterpiece you make in just 10 minutes of inspiration.

If you want to learn productivity watch how artists work. They never force themselves into doing something, but rather they use their free time to improve. But when they get that moment of inspiration they give out the last sweat from them.

Sure, we must train our minds to perform tasks that we don’t like but we need to do them. I just try to make a point to not go over the point of exhaustion. Whatever makes you more productive, that is the best for you. Hours and hours of work will only bring failure in long-term, so focus on delivering the best out of you and progress with every step you make. Resting is just a revitalizer for productivity. 

I would love to hear from you. How is this article helpful and what changes will you make in your life? Share it with us.

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