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Search to Perfect Yourself While Knowing You’ll Never Be

As human beings, we always tend to have flaws. But the good part of it is that we can constantly improve ourselves and learn from mistakes also. And that is a key part of our evolution as a race, but it’s also a key part of having success in any life department.

The difference between looking for perfection and thinking you are perfect

The difference is that these two are entirely opposite. If you want to never have success, then think you are perfect. Search to perfect yourself while knowing you'll never beWhen you think you are perfect the way you are, you instinctively think that you have no flaws. And that’s an illusion. So you won’t learn from mistakes, you won’t progress, you won’t change situations into good, you’re going to be stuck in the same loophole of bad events while thinking that everything around you is wrongly made but you. This is a sad and hurtful way to live.

Instead of this, know that you have flaws and you have mistakes in what you do, and just look out where you can improve things. OK, I’m sure you have a loving relationship with your significant other, but it can be better. I’m sure your career is blooming, but it can be better. I’m sure you have a good plan of financial freedom, but it can be better. I’m sure you are healthy, but it can be better.

Anything can be improved

That’s the beauty of it. The progress never stops. It’s infinite in its abundance. Because let’s say you manage to master this area you are working on, such as making cakes. So you became the master, you make the best cakes in the world, everybody knows you, you take interviews and stuff like this. But what about pies, cupcakes or bread? There’s a whole area of expansion that you can take on. Never settle!

Settling is the killer of our lives. It kills our happiness, our joy, our progress, our ambition and urge to do things and be amazed about something new we learn. We should always be like kids: always enjoy discovering new things, learning and having this amazing life in us.

How to always progress in anything you do

Always think: “What could I’ve done better? What can I improve right now?” Study what you did, study the results, try to find little mistakes in details and how you applied what you did. Anything can be perfected even more. So do that.

Like I’ve mentioned above, never stop to improve your areas of life. Relationships need more love, money needs more attention. If we ignore things that’s when we lose in life. So never ignore, always pay attention to details. See what happens around you, listen, watch, be a like a guardian. A guardian of your life, of your happiness, of your love. If you let things unprotected, sure they’re going to get lost or be taken away. Then you will cry and say “Why me?”. Well, because you didn’t protect your life.

I know sometimes is tiring to always try to improve and pay attention to all the details around us. But we get better at it and when we see the results in joy and happiness we forget about how hard it was. It’s always worth it. The rewards are infinitely superior.

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Progress is our main source of happiness, and progress comes when we look to perfect ourselves at a constant basis

Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.

Benjamin Franklin

This should be a subject that never misses in our heads when we pursue a dream. Or even when you are bored. You always hear people complaining that are bored. Well, try to perfect things around you and then see how much time you have to spare. I tell you, none. I personally don’t have time to get bored and it’s pretty amazing. I love this way of living, living to the fullest, planning the time like it’s the most important thing in the world. It makes you feel alive, valuable, progressing. It makes you happy.

Perfecting means progress, so it should always be a routine in our lives. I found it so beautifully contradictory that we look for perfection while we will never be perfect. At some level, I also think that this brings us closer to God. Trying to improve ourselves also make us be more compassionate, loving and caring for the people around us. And that is a lovely thing to have in our lives.

In fact, if somebody feels bad and they are on a bad road, it’s because they think they’re perfect instead of trying to perfect themselves. It kind of has something to do with the fact of taking responsibility for our actions. Because when we think everything around us is wrong and we are right, we are just pointing fingers and throwing our responsibility on other’ shoulders. That is a killer for progress.

Bottom line: know that you always make some mistakes and be thrilled with joy and excitement that you can always have something to improve, a new challenge of becoming a better version of yourself. What was the last thing you perfected about yourself? Share it with us in the comments.

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