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Adapt your Talents to the Opportunities

We all have a natural set of skills that we are born with. But sometimes, we can’t just take a hobby and turn it into financial success. Some things are not contemporary, and while is nice to keep the classics alive, it’s not that good for your pockets if you don’t adapt it.

The world is in constant grow and change, there is an unstoppable and undeniable progress going on.

Look at the businesses right now. Who you are without social media, a website, mobile apps and things like that? Adapt your talents to the opportunitiesVirtually billions are poured into the internet marketplace, and if you’ve asked somebody to do the same things 5-7 years ago they will say “what I am, crazy?”. Those who don’t adapt are eventually left behind.

And we aren’t talking just about CEO’s and presidents of companies. We talking even about employees if that is your area. Even if you are a freelancer: you need to constantly adapt and grow. You can’t just create something, give a certain value to the world and then say “that’s it! I stop. It’s perfect.” Because it’s not perfect and never will be. You always need to progress because you always have something to improve. What value you bring is how much money you make.

So, we all have an area of expertise, something we could be the best at. Because we enjoy it the most and that makes us passionate about it so we have this drive and energy into pushing our boundaries, progressing along with it. Once you found your set of skills, your talents, you need to search of what is being needed. There is a demand in the marketplace where your sets of skills fit like a glove.

I will give you my personal example. I always loved to build stuff. In fact, when I was a kid I was playing and dreaming that I am a blacksmith. Still, my main attraction wasn’t only building weapons and armors. But also war machines, buildings, and I was always fascinated by how ancient empires were built because they had so much imagination and brilliance to get something so amazing up with basic materials. I was dreaming of being a builder. Obviously, I couldn’t be a blacksmith anymore. I combined my passion for building stuff with my passion for technology and badabing badaboom I am a website builder (besides other stuff). I made this website and This is how I adapted my passion into our times. I also love bodybuilding, so it’s that too.

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Sometimes I find my inspiration in nature, and evolution to be more specific. And I always found the example of dinosaurs being a real lesson, no matter the times we live in. Because it’s pretty obvious their extinction was influenced by their lack of adaptedness. They were so big that they were unable to adapt with the changes. That’s how you get left behind, that’s how you get bankrupt. Because you don’t progress, don’t grow, don’t change into better. Because changing is inevitable and natural, but progress is not. You need to focus on progress. So don’t be a dinosaur!

Stay open-minded and stay open-hearted. Let the opinions change, let your ideas change, let your vision change, let your methods change. That’s how you progress. You need to accept that you will always have something to improve further more.

Thinking that you are perfect is the highway to failure. 

I’ve seen this over and over, and I used to practice it in the past myself. We all have potential, we all are intelligent people and we all have the specific gifts God let us to use and be the best at.  But once you start to succeed a little bit your ego starts to grow too. All of the sudden you’re a hotshot and nobody else is at your level, right? That’s the point where you start to fall fast.

Once you believe that you are perfect you stop improving because you don’t believe you have mistakes anymore. This is how you become a dinosaur. The truth is we will never be perfect and we will always have to work on our progress. This goes hand in hand to being humble , down-to-earth and compassionate with other people. Considering yourself perfect will turn you into a selfish person with ugly character. We all are on the same level, we all are equal.

This is a lesson you should always remember, no matter how high or how low you find yourself into the level of success. What do you think about it? Leave your comment below and I will happily reply. 

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