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5 Things Kids Can Teach Us About Winning

We are natural-born champions, therefore there are a lot of winning traits found in kids. And I had this fun idea about what children can teach us about success. As I found out: a lot. Many instincts come to us naturally and we only lose them or inhibit them because of the limits we give ourselves as we grow up.

This is a very interesting topic, because if you think about it, most of the growing up education you got was about what you can’t do. And inside your head being an adult resulted in not being able to do things. That was also the case for me. At some point, my idea about a grown-up was: you can’t play anymore, you can’t do or say whatever you want, you can’t do things without thinking them through, you can’t dream with your eyes open etc. This is just the recipe of shackling yourself up with limiting beliefs.

Now it’s time to break the shackles! Here’re 5 qualities you can get from kids to be successful in anything you do:

1. Curiosity is what makes you grow.

Have you ever seen a kid that is not curious? I mean having that relentless curiosity about everything around him or her, and would just ask you ten thousand 5 things kids can teach us about winningquestions and never had enough. Not even a single time I know, they sometimes can be exhausting with all those questions about everything, but that’s how they learn.

That’s how they grow, they become better, they strive for more. That’s how they win this game of life. And we need to learn that from kids.

A kid would stop and study the ants while an adult will just pass over them. The child will stop and study everything about those ants. How they carry leaves, how they work together, how they have a perfect formation, how they cross over or around any kind of obstacle that will come in the way.

This level of curiosity about everything around us makes us open to learning and improving ourselves. As we become better, everything we do is more efficient. Now think about having this level of curiosity in your area of work! It will raise your game up to another level.

2. Doing it in a fun way is the only way.

That’s something I love about kids, everything they do they highly enjoy it. Big smiles on their faces, laughs and high enthusiasm to pursue what they do. Everything is a game for them. And that’s what makes kids going back at it again, as fast as possible.

That’s what we need also. We tend to become way too serious and do our jobs like is the worst thing in the world, that we have to do because we are adults. All we think about is responsibilities and obligations. We forget to have fun!

If you don’t love what you do for a living, go finding it out. Change it, switch it, never settle. But if it’s what you do, do it with a big smile on your face. With enthusiasm to face challenges. With never-ending passion and ambition. Do it as it is a game, and at the end of it, there’s a reward. Enjoy the ride as much as the destination point.

If you don’t have that level of joy and passion about what you do, you can never enjoy life. You won’t be able to enjoy the rewards. And you won’t be able to perform at your best because you feel at your worst. Everything will be in vain. So go out there and have some fun! That’s what top achievers do.

3. Do not be afraid of trying or look silly. 

Another great quality we can find in any kid is that they are not afraid about their image. You know, a kid will run at his or her mom with mud all over face and clothes, while all their neighbors watch, and happily shout from the distance: “Mom, I scored a goal!” 😂 Children don’t care if they mess it up, as long as they are trying to accomplish something. They know that looking silly is part of trying and getting better.

We tend to worry way too much about what others will think, about our outer image. What if they will laugh at us? What if we will look goofy? What if they won’t like it? Well, guess what? It doesn’t matter. You will mess it up, you will look silly and some people will never like you. Get over it and try your best in everything you do.

The inner image is much more important. As long as you are happy with yourself and what you do, the outside image will eventually take care of itself.

“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” – Winston Churchill 

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4. Never give up.

How many times does a baby try to walk? Until successfully do it. How many times does a baby try to speak? Until successfully do it. How many times will a kid try to ride a bike, even with all the falling? Until successfully do it.

That’s the most important trait that makes children capable of growing up, improving, learning and achieving. Their stubbornness and single-focusing on the objective get things done. When they want to do something really important there’s no stopping them.

This is what we need to learn also. To never give up, always being consistent in pursuing our goals and dreams, and rise up after every fall ready to try it again once more. This is what makes people successful.

5. Explore everything. 

When I was a kid and I got a new toy that will come up assembled, I would take a screwdriver and get it into pieces just to see how it’s done. If I could assemble it back, I was able from that point to play with it. That’s why I never liked toys from Happy Meals because they had strange screws that I couldn’t open. And you can see this in any child: they always want to explore.

Either if it’s the nature, the new toy, the basement or a huge puzzle, a kid has a thirst for exploration. They love to expand their views, their ideas, and their minds. To learn new things and experience new moments. A kid never takes something just as it is, they want to know every single detail about it.

This trait is important to have to be successful, because if your mind is willing to explore all kinds of alternatives, all different point of views, all different opinions about it, you can be more effective when choosing the best way possible. If you are stuck in the same ideas and the same patterns, you can never grow and become better. And the lack of progress brings failure.

I encourage you to be willing to explore everything possible about your area of work. Any book that can be read about it, any video that can be seen, any question that can be asked to those in your specific niche, any point of view that can be used to look upon it. While you expand your mind you will also expand your abilities.

That’s about it, I hope you guys like this and found it useful. If there’s something you would like to add or if you found valuable lessons in your kids, leave your comments below. I would love to hear from you. To your success! 🎯

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