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The Art of Staying in Love ♥

Love is the greatest treasure we can have, the greatest source of joy. But what we should do to keep this beautiful reason to live in our lives? How we keep our relationships strong and forever lasting, and how do we keep our hearts warm and welcoming even if we are single? This is the topic we will discuss today.

Valentine’s day was yesterday, and I love this holiday because it’s that time of year when the world focuses on love. Giving attention to our special one, The art of staying in love ♥wrapping gifts, going to romantic dinners, everything is so beautiful and heart-warming. I think you probably think: “Wow, I wish I had these all the time. All these beautiful feelings.” Well, you can. In fact, the secret of a long-lasting relationship is treating every day like Valentine’s day.

I call it the art of staying in love because it’s truly an art. There are different ways people show their love, different ways of expressing it. Some write love letters, some buy flowers, some simple yell “I love you” in a crowded space holding their spouse hand. No matter how do you express your love, it’s important that you do it. Of course, we have to learn our partner’s needs and adapt ourselves to fulfill them. But still, there are ways of expression our deep affection that are meant to be unique and surprise.

Note: If you are single (like I temporary am too) all this beautiful information will prepare you for meeting your special one. Don’t despair and don’t be afraid, there is a soul mate for each one of us. God will make us meet when the time is right. What’s truly required is that our hearts are welcoming and ready to love, always sending signals of affection. We don’t want to screw this up and break the heart of the most important person for us. Read this and your heart will keep spreading love, and this way you will find the one that can’t live without it.

It’s not important how you’ve met, it’s important how you stick together

All couples have a different version of how they’ve met each other. Some met on a dating website, some met randomly on the street and asked each other out, and even some met on a blind date.

Nonetheless, if you ask an elderly couple about their love life, they all have something in common: love endurance. They’ve managed to hold on to each other, during difficult or easy times, sickness or health, poverty or prosperity. They’ve done a commitment that their relationship matters the most, over the difficulties, ego or personal opinions; and they’ve stuck with it. They also dedicated themselves to improve and become better lovers.

While you will remember and be grateful for the moment you’ve met your soulmate, it’s the passion to keep her / him by your side that really takes the podium. This is something that your grandchildren needs to hear about and learn from.

The passion has to constantly be light up

I know you’ve had the most beautiful passion between you two when you met. That love that makes you alive and feels like you are floating. That beautiful desire to always have your special one by your side, and always seeing him / her perfect. The thing is, our love and passion have to constantly be light up. If we go stale, the relationship will fall apart. Either if we play it safe and don’t spread the love too much anymore, or we do the same things over and over, or we just got way too comfortable and we believe we can’t lose our soulmate anymore; it’s really hurting our love life. Is VITAL to treat your loved one like on Valentine’s day your entire life.

Even better said, treat your loved one like in the beginning and you will have no end. Remember at the start of the relationship, how you always tried to be the best lover and please your special one to make sure you’ll always be together? How were you willing to do anything to see your partner’s smile? How did you look for ways to surprise and be romantic? That’s what your relationship needs all the time.

Our partner needs to feel loved, appreciated, cared about, supported and most importantly wanted. It doesn’t matter if you are a guy or a girl, we all need the same kind of affection. We all have basic needs, regardless of how we like them to be fulfilled. We will receive that in return, but our main focus is to give.

You must commit to improvement

You know that expression “your other half will love you exactly how you are”? While that is true, it’s selfish to rely on that and take it for granted. Not only selfish but also a relationship killer.

We need to constantly improve ourselves to become better lovers. To talk with our partner better, to make our partner feel more special, more loved, more appreciated, more wanted. To constantly remove our flaws and upgrade our abilities. Every person is unique and special, that’s why is our job to make sure that the person we were meant to spend our life with always have the best! We wish them happiness because we love them. And it’s our job to make our loved one the happiest person on Earth. That can only be accomplished with progress.

We must not take love for granted. Just because the most special person chose you, that doesn’t mean you can just slack off and don’t be a better lover. Always work to be a better person, and you will have a strong relationship that will survive the test of time.

I wish you all a forever lasting love life (that you worked hard to make it that way and keep it)! ♥

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