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Slice your Big Dreams into Doable Pieces

Let’s discuss how to make any huge goal achievable. When it comes to motivation, there is a difference between dreaming and achieving. Dreaming is easy and it gives us a vision of what we want to do, and it’s also very motivating. We could dream all day long. Putting it in practice is what requires more discipline and work that might diminish our motivation or enthusiasm. That’s why is vital to know how to approach your big dreams in a way that you will keep working at it even long before the starting joy evaporates.

Sometimes a dream is way too big from our starting point and it might make us discouraged because we hardly see any progress. I am all about chasing big Slice your big dreams into doable piecesdreams and making them true, but I am also practical and looking for ways to do it more efficiently. The biggest torture that you can apply to yourself is to work something and not see any progress in it. Not necessarily that you don’t make progress, but compared to your huge goal it might seem so small that it’s invisible. That means you are focusing so much on the big picture that you can’t see the small wins.

That’s why I think it’s important to slice our dreams into approachable pieces, that are easier and much clear to go after. They are also much clear to notice, achieve and get a reward from them. What I am saying is that any huge goal must have an intermediate goal that will lead there. It’s much easier to move step by step than trying to take huge leaps. In fact, there’s no way to get there if you don’t take it step by step. You will trip and you will fall.

We all know about the importance of dreaming big and finding something that will make us fulfilled, then go after it. But if we don’t know exactly how to go after it, at some point we get discouraged and confused. Therefore we will abandon our dreams.

Make your big dream clear

The first step of chunking your dream into doable pieces is to have a clear dream in the first place. “Make a lot of money” is not a clear dream. “Make 10000 $ per month” – that’s a clear dream. “Losing some weight” is not a clear dream, but “losing 20 kilograms” is. You get the idea. Anything you wish for and no matter how big, it must be clear and measurable. You must be able to write it down on a piece of paper, and if somebody would read it will instantly understand the size of it.

Make your dreams crystal clear to have the ability to go after them. Your mind will automatically scan any possible ways to achieve it if you make it loud and clear.

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Try to make step by step instructions towards your dream

This is how you can make it possible. Now that you have your biggest dream clear, the one that will make you happier than ever, try to write all the small steps required to achieve that dream. Even if you don’t know them all, at least write the steps you can do now. Something to take action on. A smaller goal that is a part of the big goal. And as you move towards it, you will get smaller goals ideas.

For example: If you want to lose weight and you just starting out, your big goal is “lose 20 kilograms, be healthy and in the best shape possible”. Now we need to chunk it down into smaller pieces. First, you make a goal to walk or workout for 60 minutes each day. That’s your smaller goal that will lead you towards your big goal. The next intermediate goal will be to drink water with lemon squeezed in it each morning as you wake up. Then to replace sodas with green tea (with lemon) every day. After that, you can make a goal to drink at least 2 liters of water per day. Then to have a salad , an apple, and healthy meal every day. And so on. You just keep adding intermediate goals that will lead you towards your big goal. You take it step by step.

“You don’t set out to build a wall. You don’t say ‘I’m going to build the biggest, baddest, greatest wall that’s ever been built.’ You don’t start there. You say, ‘I’m going to lay this brick as perfectly as a brick can be laid. You do that every single day. And soon you have a wall.” – Will Smith

The best part about having these little goals that are like baby instructions towards your dream, it’s that they will provide constant winnings.

Once you check it out from your To Do List, that’s a win

I tell you honestly, I can’t wait to do something and just mark that “V” next to my small goals every time I achieve them. It’s so satisfying and motivating that I can’t wait from doing it again.

That’s how I achieved anything that I’ve done in my life. Step by step. Anytime I had this huge dream (I like them enormously huge) I try to chunk it down to small achievable pieces. For example, when I started this blog, my goal was to help millions of people around the world. So I sliced it down. First, my small intermediate goal was to start the blog and do the web design, the social profiles and everything set up. After that was to find ideas and concepts on which to write about. Eventually, the next small goal was to start writing 1 article per day. Now this is the 111th article and I couldn’t be more happy and motivated. Because I chase my big dream by accomplishing all these small goals that will lead me there. That makes the job easier, the path clearer and my spirit more motivated.

I hope you guys enjoyed this article and that it provided a better understanding on how to approach any big wish that you have and make it happen. Like always, I would love to hear from you, so leave your comments below and share this article with somebody that needs help. To your accomplishments! 🌈

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