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Learn the Past, Live the Present, Plan the Future

All the things in life have a purpose. Sometimes we know the purpose and sometimes we don’t. But is always clearly and obviously there. What we can do is change and mold ourselves into a better version, to progress and prosper.

These are the 3 essential basics to a healthy successful mindset:

Learn the past.

I believe, one of the most common mistakes that make people unhappy is blaming themselves for their past. I’ve done this myself. I used to think: “why you did that again? why didn’t you more? why you are not more _ ” and that made me feel miserable. I think you know what I am talking about. If you keep hitting yourself with a past event or choice won’t change what happened and it will make you feel so bad that you will repeat the same event.

I don’t say that I blindly go over it and maybe blame it on faith, or God, or the world economy. That will be nonsense. I acknowledge that my decisions produced and attracted that event, and I understand that I need to change my decisions. I CAN’T change the past but I CAN change myself. And when I focus on something I CAN do, that empowers me instead of making me frustrated over thinking something I can’t change. Make sense?

So I need to see what I did wrong and how should I treat the situation next time. You don’t need to be a harsh critique with yourself. There is no such thing as tough love. We should be a patient and understanding teacher even with ourselves. Give yourself time, you will always make mistakes because you are human and that you are born to do. But you can also improve. Give yourself time to improve. Also, don’t slack it off, you need to treat the situation seriously. I’ve been unhappy in the past and I see people unhappy around me. The main reason for unhappiness is the lack of progress. And the lack of progress comes from ignoring the things we need to change about ourselves, ignoring the responsibility for our actions. That’s when people get stuck on the same mistake pattern. You’ve seen that? People doing the same mistakes over and over and over. And as you can believe, that make anyone feels incredibly awful inside. You feel worthless and that’s terrible.

That’s why we need to take full responsibility for our actions. We are the creators of our own destiny. We can’t change the past but we can use it to shape us into a better person to have a better future.

Live the present.

Carpe diem! A wise Latin saying. Live your life, seize the day. And is so much to live for: the love, the joy, the happiness, the sunrises, the smell of coffee, waking up next to your significant other, the first time you see the smile of your child. There are so many blessings to be alive .

If we thank God every day for everything we have, it still won’t be enough amount of appreciation for all the Learn the past , live the present , plan the futureabundance. But it will make us feel good, alive, fulfilled and empowered. When we appreciate what we have and we get that gratitude pouring into our souls, it lights up our days. Everything changes.

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I used to be such a spoiled kid. Nothing made me happy and I’ve always had it all. Money, friends, love, but still I was always unhappy. Because I didn’t knew how to appreciate things. And then, some events showed me how it is to live without the things I took for granted. Then I learned to appreciate, then I became mature. I am so grateful for that. I am grateful for God giving the opportunity for me to change, to appreciate things, to see how much I have.

There is so much suffering in the world. People are hungry, thirsty and dying because of wars. We have everything we can imagine. Comforts that maybe we always took for granted. Food, clothes, technology, fun, these are luxuries for some. And the truth is when we don’t appreciate what we have we feel like spoiled kids. That is a not a happy feeling.

So when you feel bad or angry, think about all the things you have in your life now. All those amazing reasons to smile. Your family, your friends, your loved ones, the air you breathe, the tea you drink, the food that brings joy to your belly. When we are grateful for all the amazing things we have, not only that we know to enjoy more every moment, because now we know how precious life is; but also we get the energy to fight and get what we want in life. Being grateful is such an amazing thing!

Plan the future.

You can’t get somewhere if you don’t know your destination point. In a road trip, we all know that. In life we sometimes forget it. Life’s a journey, but every journey needs a destination.

You need to have a plan, to know where you want to get, to vision it. You need something to pull you out of your bed even before the alarm clock starts. You need that energy!

Anthony Robbins, this amazing motivator, says that we can’t push ourselves to infinite, we need something to pull us towards it. We need something so appealing, so wished, a dream so big, that will pull us like the gravity of Earth. That law of attraction if you will.

So create a vision! Not a plausible vision, not an “everybody agrees with it” vision. But a real compelling vision of what your heart want most. If it doesn’t scare you it means it’s not BIG enough. So make it as big as you want it. It just needs to be what you truly wish for, your dream, your goal. After you decided what that is, see it as already done. Prepare yourself emotionally for the joy of having it. Empower yourself knowing that all you need is a dream and for you to never give up and you will get there. You will achieve that.

Everything is possible! Make your dreams reality, this is the way of living. Did you find this article useful? What changes will you apply to your life? Leave your comment below and share it with us. 

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  1. Christine Rains

    Excellent advice! It’s important to never forget the past but don’t live in it either.

    1. Cornel Manu

      That’s true! 🙂 THe best is to learn from it.
      Thanks for your comment.

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