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Our Dreams Give Our Direction in Life

We wouldn’t have anything without direction. Life is just like a wonderful journey: you need to know your destination to get somewhere. Sometimes is good to stop and smell the roses, but we are made to achieve things, to conquer, to master, to progress and to prosper. And that requires one thing: find purpose in life.

Life is like a road trip and dreams are destination points

We must have progress to have a life. And to have progress on this beautiful road trip called life, you need to have aOur dreams gives our direction in life clear direction. Your direction is given by what your destination point is. You can call it dream, goal, desire, it is what your heart wants the most and where you want to get.

Most people feel empty and unhappy because either they don’t have a clear dream of what they want to achieve, or they just simply started to believe that their dream is unreachable. Without a clear direction we end up move in circles and found ourselves after years and years of work in the same place. Also, wouldn’t help if our dream (destination point) is not exactly what we want the most. If you settle for something less because it’s easier to get there or you think it’s more plausible, you will get there eventually but you won’t have fulfillment and happiness.

Never give up on your dream

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

Eleanor Roosevelt

The beauty of life is that it can take any form we want it to take. There are countless types of roads, some are good ones and some are bad. But it’s also overwhelming and we can get lost if we don’t stick with our dream. That’s why is so important to have a big dream that really attracts you towards it. Small dreams don’t appeal us enough and in the middle of the road, we will eventually feel unmotivated and think about another route. Persistence is the key to success.

That’s why there is a motivational famous phrase “Keep walking”. We must keep a steady direction and follow a clear path. Otherwise, we will end up wandering around, gossiping and generally killing time while feeling really bad about ourselves. And by the way, killing time is pure suicide for success.

You can also help yourself on the path to your dreams by learning from others that already did it. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. You can improve it instead. Consider this like having a map drawn by others that have been already there. So you can get quicker, easier and better at the destination point. Never stop learning.

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Right before you reach a dream, already set another one

This is another mistake sometimes people tend to do. We think about something, our dream, our goal; and we work hard to achieve it so as a reward we get there. But after we achieved our goal and the happiness cleared out, we become sad and unfulfilled again. You can’t party forever. That happens because humans are made to constantly progress, to have a meaning, to have a purpose. Progress for us means happiness. Dreams are just rewards for our progress. We have to admit that we love progress more.

The key to avoiding this problem is to always make another goal as soon as you are close to reaching one. That’s why I said dreams are destination points (plural). We don’t have only one destination point in life! Everything can be scaled up, improved or changed. Find the next best thing to pursue and keep walking.

If you think that you have been achieved the maximum potential in what you were doing, try to find something else. We can easily master another path, related to the last one or not.

Over-complicating life and dreams are what makes us fail. Because, if in our life journey we stop and study the rocks on the ground it will take us a lot of time without going anywhere. That will eventually make us frustrated and we will start to throw rocks at others, trying to hide our own shortcomings. It’s entirely our responsibility what kind of road we choose to pursue in life, and it’s also our duty to start walking if where we are doesn’t please us.

Keep working on your dreams and live to the fullest! Find purpose in life and never settle.

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