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Try to Find a Lesson in Everything

There is something joyful into exploring our life. We have this passion for learning deep marked on our souls. It’s what makes us grow, what makes us progress, prosper, and basically is what drove us out of the caves to the point of discovering water on Mars.

Self-education is something we must do our entire life

Education should never stop when school ends. We should always learn and develop ourselves. No matter how old Try to find a lesson in everythingwe are, no matter how much experience we have, how much we’ve done, how much we’ve seen, there’s always something new to learn. Because there is always something to improve in ourselves. We, as a human race, are meant to have flaws. We could never be perfect and we should all know that. But also know that perfecting ourselves on a constant basis make us progress. In other words: Always look for perfecting while knowing you’ll never be perfect.

The most unpleasant experiences often have the most valuable lessons

I never learned anything from a match that I won.

Bobby Jones

Sometimes, we don’t have the best attitude towards difficult times. But we should. Because difficulties are the ones that shape us into better versions of ourselves. Like the simple yet inspiring quote above said, you can’t learn something from a winning. You’ve already won, you’ve already mastered that area, that level, those circumstances. It’s no more growth possible.

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Not the same situation with problems. We call them problems because we don’t like to be taken by surprise. It’s funny because we say we love surprises, but we love surprises that we want. Those that we don’t want we call them problems. This is how life surprises, this is how God in his infinite wisdom created randomness, to allow us to develop, to grow and to progress. To shape our souls and our character by opposing resistance to the difficulties. If we wouldn’t have problems we wouldn’t have a life! These are the lessons that changed my life when I’ve learned them from my mentor Tony Robbins. We have to embrace struggles and adversities, because only when we go trough them we get better.

In fact, if you think about it, all we want is an upgrade on the difficulty of problems. First, you get problems like how can you walk, then how you can talk, go to school, how you can deal with falling in love for the first time. Then you get problems like how do you eat, how do you feed yourself, how do you make some money. And then how do you drive, how do you propose to the girl of your dreams, how do you get that dream house. The list goes on. The truth is: all we want is an upgrade on the quality of problems.

This might ring some bells inside of you like it first did for me. You probably feel like: “Hey, I’ve already known this, somehow.” Yes, we all have it sculpted in our DNA! This joy for progressing, this excitement of dealing with and solving situations. We just forgot we do.

Our past is meant to be our lesson, not our burden

The sad ones carry their past as a burden. The happy ones treat their past as a lesson.

What’s the point of blaming yourself for the past? You can’t undo what you did. At least you can use that information to make something good out of it: a better version of yourself. This is how you transform a negative event into something positive. That’s how you find strength in hard times. That’s how you progress, evolve, grow, mature, be more happy and loving, more compassionate and more driven.

There’s a single notable difference between successful people and the ones that constantly fail: their philosophy of life. If you know how to view and how to interpret things that you can’t control, you manage to educate yourself into doing the things you can control. More simple said: change your point of view to make a better you!

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