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Your Mind Shapes Your World, Not the Other Way Around

Viewing the glass half-full is not just about ignoring the empty part. Is about giving me the proper amount of energy and excitement to fill it up again shortly. There are always multiple ways to view a situation and our best alternative is to choose the way that helps us change it the way we like.

I don’t believe in positive thinking without action. Without action, we wouldn’t change anything. It doesn’t help me if I ignore the problem. But it won’t help me either if I see the problem unfixable. Nothing is unfixable. So I need to see my opportunities and take action into making my life the way I want it to be. The mind is the guide of our actions.

Your philosophy of life influence everything you do

It changes the way you see life, the way you see the situations that might come along, the way you see the people whoYour mind shapes your world, not the other way around love you and you love them back, it changes the way you think, what kind of tastes you have and many other things. Even your level of energy is influenced by the way you think. If you think you are a sad person, everything you do will just reinforce what you already think about yourself. If you think you are a happy person, everything you do makes you happier. Ever noticed that?

I’ve been a negative and depressed person in my past, and I’ve noticed huge changes in myself when I changed my philosophy of life. Instead of getting sad and blaming life for difficulties, I started to get excitement because I have a challenge that will eventually make me stronger, better and more loving. Instead of doing things that hurt me, like bad habits and addictions, I started to do things that empower me and I also started to take care of myself. And the list goes on.

Everything is filtered through our minds. Think about water: it’s essential for our lives. We can’t live without it, we are made from it. Now, if we drink it from anywhere we see it, we will get sick. Right? Even if it’s pure and necessary, it’s the bad stuff that is corrupting the water what makes us sick. So we need to filter it to drink it. It’s the same thing with life. Life is pure, beautiful and a blessing. It’s the bad stuff in it that corrupts it. That’s why we need our minds to filter it properly. To learn how to make a difference between what is good in life and what is bad. It’s essential for us to know how to the remove the bad from our life and how to get more of the good part. Make sense?

“Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.”

Mahatma Gandhi

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Never stop educating yourself

Self-education is a must! You, I and everybody should always educate ourselves. It doesn’t matter how much you know, there is always room left for improvement. Like I said before, the mind is our action driver, so we need an experimented driver to get to the destination. Especially when we have a bumpy road. But we are not talking here about the amount of information you store, I don’t want to turn you into a hard disk. It’s about getting your mind trained , sharp and always ready to make decisions. I want to turn you into a better processor. It’s intelligence that drives us to success.

Educating yourself is reading and studying things in life that give you value. If you read something that doesn’t help you to achieve progress, you are just wasting your time. That’s why gossips and easy-to-digest media are a brain killer. You learn nothing new, your intelligence simply stops. It’s easy, is recreative, but it’s a failure bringer. Because what’s easy in life brings only bad news.

As a teenager, I always heard things like “you are too serious” or “you need to drink / smoke more and relax”. They didn’t tell me that because I didn’t love happiness. It’s because I always paid attention to details and always looking to learn something new from life when they just wanted to ignore everything. I never let my actions be random and never let an event that happens to me unfiltered. It was frustrating back then because I was so different from those around me, but now I understand that was a blessing to do and totally worth it. It’s because my insane attention to details I am now blessed with having the possibility to motivate other people. Now I can’t see life without making at least a step every day into becoming a better person. Not just for me! For those I love and for people around me, to love better and to serve better.

Success is made from little habits that you do every day

Success and failure are not these huge events that happen at some random point in our lives. Quite contrary. Success and failure are simply the results of our everyday actions. If you want to build a huge wall, you don’t start from there. You just take a brick and lay it down perfectly. Then another one next day, then another one. And sooner than you think you have a wall.

Habits make our lives. If you study successful people you will always find good habits that help them get there. They have incredible work ethics, character, heart, time management skills, money management skills and many other healthy habits that just push them towards where they want to get. On the other side, unsuccessful people have bad habits: they spent recklessly, they like to kill time, they lack love and compassion, they have addictions. Everything goes hand in hand. Good things with all the good habits, and bad things with all the bad habits.

Therefore, choose your habits wisely, never stop learning and build the philosophy of life that is the most constructive and helpful for you! 

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