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Find Something That Is Worth It

You have only one life, so make sure you spent it doing something that’s valuable for you. Anything can be worth it, but not for anybody. We all have different passions, callings, destiny, path, something in our heart that calls us and we must answer.

This is the true key to success, following your passions. I think that’s a subject that is often spoken especially in the motivational niche. But is so important and so vital, that is the foundation of anything that progresses in life.

Our passion is the fuel that burns in our heart. Is the main ingredient for anything worthwhile that was ever achieved. Is the reason people love, take risks, invest, follow their dreams and basically is the reason for us to live. Living a life with passion is the way to live a beautiful and successful life.

You see, there’s no rational man who would find the motivation into laboring hours and hours of hard work, going over failures and obstacles, to achieve something that might even look impossible in the first place. In other words, we must follow crazy ideas to be successful.

There’s no man who changed this world by being rational

We weren’t rational when we decided that we should send somebody to the Moon. Thomas Edison wasn’t rational when he tried for 10.000 times to invent the bulb. The Wright brothers weren’t rational when they’ve designed and built the first successful airplane. Find something that is worth it

All these amazing people who basically changed the world with their work followed their passions into developing successful inventions. But this is not limited to inventors. Even a supermarket cashier, painter or firefighter leave an important mark on this world by following their hearts.

All these passions that keep pulling us forward, are amazingly powerful because humans are emotional creatures. Emotional intelligence determines the quality of our lives.

We are driven by our emotions

So if you want to be successful, it’s better to have something so compelling, so beautiful in our eyes, that it keeps pulling us towards it. If you have to push yourself into doing something, at some point you won’t have the energy anymore. Nothing compares with that drive that comes from our hearts when we follow our deepest passions. Because at that point, we don’t care about the ways that are possible. We do what we want, and we find a way no matter what.

Your work is going to take a huge chunk from your life. That’s why it’s important to find that career that is worth your time, energy, commitment, effort and constant improving. That’s why it’s important to follow your crazy ideas and not your rational ones. Follow your heart, because it knows the right answer.

Keep asking yourself: “Who do I want to become? What’s the impact I want to leave on this world? What would really make me fulfilled?” Answer this questions every single day and don’t settle for less.

You will become successful if you are happy with what you do

Don’t aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally.

– David Frost

Because you will give out your best even in the worst times. But if you don’t follow your passions, no matter how successful you will be, or how much money you will make, everything will feel empty and meaningless. You can’t give out the best, you can’t appreciate your qualities and use them, you can’t progress with joy if what you do is not what your heart wants.

I know it’s hard to find your passion and you will even have to try some things out before even finding it. If you found it from the first attempt, that’s great! Still, most of the times we have to juggle with different things to get a clear perspective and truly find our calling.

My point is: never give up into finding what your heart wants. Keep trying, keep looking and never settle. Stay crazy and never quit! 🏆

What’s your passion in life? Leave your comment below.

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