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On the Road of Getting Rich Choose a Better Motivation than Money

Getting money is a never-ending game. You can always get more and how much is enough is something you only decide for yourself. The first instinct might be to get motivation from money itself, but that is something that has an opposite effect and can even lead you to failure and bankruptcy.

Follow a passion and serve people

You don’t get success to get happy, you get successful because you are happy with what you are going right not. If you are not following a passion, a dream, a vision your heart desires, you won’t be successful and most definitely you won’t get rich.

It’s also very important to understand that whatever do you like to do and make money with, should be used to serve On the road of getting rich choose a better motivation than moneyother people. Most successful rich people are also very giving and caring about other people’s needs. And it’s not a coincidence. If you help others and make a good difference in the world, your heart fills with joy and you can feel like your life has a meaning. Living with a meaning is the only way to live properly. You must use your passion and your talents to leave a positive impact on the life of others.

If you only use money as a motivation you will feel: selfish and unfulfilled. Selfish because you are focusing on your own benefit and that makes you feel like a prostitute. Is a tough comparison but we need to see the hard truth so we can progress and shift with huge steps. Also, you would feel unfulfilled because you won’t feel like your life has a meaning, a purpose, a goal.

Getting money isn’t a goal. Everybody gets money, that’s how we survive. Some by taking pictures, others by delivering food and even others by saving people’s life from fire. There are countless ways to make money. You can’t do them all, you can’t the best at all. So you need a goal and a desire that comes from a passion within your heart.

Without having a passion and goal in life you will feel empty inside. No matter how much money you will get, you will feel miserable. And you will try to cover that hole you have inside with all kinds of addictions and bad habits. That’s the recipe for failure.

Success comes to those who dedicate everything to their passion in life. To be successful, it is also very important to be humble and never let fame or money travel to your head.

A. R. Rahman

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Respect the value of money

Don’t let your ego grow with your bankroll! Let your character grow with your bankroll. Let your compassion grow with it. Let your intelligence grow with it. Money is a very powerful asset. It can empower people but can also corrupt them.

On your road to becoming wealthy, never forget the place you came from. Also, remember those that currently die of hunger, thirst, war or diseases, those in need. Yes, you should enjoy what you’ve earned, but I also found important to make a habit of donating or helping somebody in need to keep compassion lighting in your heart.

And why are we getting more money anyway? If not to be able to do more for those we love, to help more, to make a bigger difference in the world. We don’t achieve just for the sake of achievement. We are not getting money to see a bunch of faces on pieces of paper. We want more feelings: to do more, to travel more, to help more, to show love more.

Always respect the value of money and the responsibility that comes with it. Don’t let the money make you; you make the money instead.

Don’t become a high-quality spender

A spender is a spender. It doesn’t matter if you are a low-quality spender or a high-quality spender. No rich man who stays rich is a spender. Spending is the pathway to poor.

When you are broke it’s easier because you only spend what you can afford to spend. You don’t have to think that much about it. But as you start to make more money and encounter more shopping options, you have to know how to properly calculate your finances. Finances is a skill, and like any skill you learn it through practice.

That’s why you find better money management skills on those that grow from broke to wealthy, rather than those that are born into rich families. Because as you are broke and you start to climb the ladder up you notice that only if you become an economist you can make it there. And only if you have life values for work, compassion, time management and character. It’s such a huge step and you get there only with true progress, with self-progress. If you are dead-broke it’s even better, because at that point you have two options: you get rich or you die.

If somebody is born with a lot of money  (or win it at Lottery for example) they have more chances to end up broke very quickly. They don’t have the right psychology about money management and they don’t grow as a person. Or they just get so used to having money that they don’t even think it would go away. They take it for granted. And when you take something for granted, you don’t appreciate it enough so you neglect that area in your life. Next thing after neglecting something is losing it.

As an ending point: follow a passion that it really makes you fulfilled, use that passion to change other people’s life in better and never forget how is to not have money. To become a millionaire you have to be a millionaire inside first. Same rules apply for billionaires too. 

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