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6 Ways to Get Motivated for Chasing your Dreams

We all have big dreams and goals, passions, desires in our heart, but if we make it real or not depends on how much action we invest towards it. And the level of6 ways to get motivated for chasing your dreams action is fueled by motivation. Today we are going to talk about ways to get more motivation. I am a man of solutions, so we will talk about things we can do to boost up our progress towards our dreams.

I don’t believe in positive thinking without action. Without actions, every thought is worthless. We must apply actions into daily basis that will get us where we want.

1. Study dream chasers

It’s easier to get a good perspective from those that already achieved their dreams. I talk about inventors, presidents of countries, sculptors, or simple people with big hearts that made a positive mark into this world.

Study successful people and you will be successful. It’s a lot to learn and it’s clearly a nice opportunity to get good habits and apply them to your life. Do what they do, and you will have their results.

First of all, you will get motivated when you see that a lot of other people achieved something that they really wished for. Besides that, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel, when we can simply improve it. That’s the point of progress as the human race, we learn more and more by each generation. So it’s a wasted value if we don’t take the knowledge that other inspiring individuals left us to have.

More than this, it’s that thirst for knowledge and improving that drive us towards success.  Studying and self-education are the water.

2. Write your dreams on paper

This is the first step to making your dreams real. Putting them on a piece of paper (your journal) will make it easier for your mind to visualize them. If you can properly focus on your dreams, then your mind can work its way into achieving them, even without you realizing. It’s that subconscious mind that gives hints and redirects our actions.

Whatever you can visualize like it’s already happening, will create that level of excitement and gratitude necessary to get there.

I said paper because there’s no Ipad or laptop that can help you achieve your potential. It doesn’t have the same impact and the same effect to our minds like actually write it down with a pen. I know technology is made for our convenient, but when we talk about our dreams, this is a very important part of our lives and it should be treated as seriously as possible. You don’t want to be comfortable when you plan your life, you want to be effective.

3. Focus daily on your dreams

No New Year’s resolution will make your dreams come real. Those things you forget by 2nd January. Daily resolutions bring your results. Success is nothing more but our daily habits. What we do every day will give us the proper results.

Just like dieting: it’s not what you eat once in a while that gives your body shape, it’s what you eat every day. So feed your mind properly to get the results you want.

There’s no new knowledge that persistence makes us successful, no matter how tough are the situations we face. That’s because when we focus daily on something that truly attracts us, make us feel alive and fulfilled, and we will find ways to get there no matter what. Like my mentor, Tony Robbins said: “where focus goes, energy flows”.

4. Be rigid on what you want to achieve, but flexible on your approach

This is a lesson I had to learn the hard way. If your mind isn’t open to accept and embrace new ideas, there’s no way you will find a solution to achieve your dreams. You have to become the person that deserves what you want. Either if your dreams were already achieved by someone else, you will find your own way towards it. Because that’s the beauty of our race, we are the same but also beautifully unique.

The problem with approach rigidity is that you won’t be open to changes. And without positive changes, there’s no progress. Progress is something we constantly work on ourselves. That means self-education must be done always. You can’t educate yourself if you think you know everything.

You should be like Jon Snow and realize that you know nothing. 😂 That’s the way of making your mind open to education and improving, constantly looking for better ways to do things. Yes, what your heart want it’s something that is a MUST and you won’t give up on it, but how you get there is something you will learn while doing it. You can pick up clues and learn from others like I said in the first step, but your road trip towards success will be unique.

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5. Reject the things you have but don’t like, and use that as a motivation

It’s pretty obvious that chasing your dreams also implies you don’t like what you have now. The situations you have, the people you have around you, the way you behave. It’s a part of life. Nevertheless, it’s very important to realize what exactly are those things you want to change in your life.

Write down the things you don’t want anymore, and make a commitment to yourself that you will never accept them into your life. Use that as a motivation to chase your dreams. Something simple as: “I don’t want to live like this anymore, so I will take actions to change my life and make my dreams real”, will do the work.

6. Be realistic on your present and irrational on your future

Most of the people think the other way around, and that’s why they never make their dreams come true. There are two reasons why we should see the present realistically (exactly as it is, not worse and not better) while thinking about future irrationally.

We must see the present realistically, to be able to spot opportunities and things that we need to change. If we are negative about it, we will believe that it’s nothing we can do to change it. And if we are overly positive about our present, we won’t feel the need to change anything. So we must be clear-headed and understand that it’s OK to not have all the things you want right now.

That’s why you are a dream chaser because you’re not already there. And even if you are there, you should have a new goal, otherwise, life will feel meaningless. Basically, constant progress is what makes us happy. For that, we need to see clear around us and make good steps every day.

On the other side, we must be irrational about our future because we don’t know yet how we will make it happen. Still, we must have that strong believe that we will make it real, that anything can be done. We must have faith. Because anything can be done. You don’t know how you will get there, but you will get there. You will find a way, no matter what.

The present is what you have right now, and your future is what you make from what you have.

Stay hungry, stay foolish.

Steve Jobs

Now is your turn: What changes will you make so you can stay motivated to chase your dreams? Share it with us in the comments.

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