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Treat Everyday Like January 1st

If you want to achieve your potential and make your dreams reality, there is a special attitude towards life that is common to all people in the New Year. It’s that feeling of a new opportunity that brings up tons of motivation and willingness. That makes you look at what you’ve done, what you can change about yourself and focus on your dreams.

The secret is: this must be a daily feeling, not once in a year

I once used to really love New Year’s Eve and until recently I never realized why is that. Now I know that was the case because I couldn’t wait to focus on Treat everyday like January 1changes, on progress, on self-development. What can I remove from my life, what can I add, how can I be better. The silly thing that I realize now is that I waited for a day in the calendar to do that. That’s nuts, right? I mean why do I have to wait for a number to pass just to have the prosperity attitude? It’s nonsense. I can do this all the time. I can have 366 fresh starts this year instead of one (2016 is a leap year). 366 opportunities instead of 1 sound much better to me.

So the problem is we have this social education that we should only make resolutions on New Year. Somehow we managed to tie our progress to a single day, 24 hours from 8784. Days that are just a way to track time. What’s the difference between January 1 and March 24, besides the climate change? None. We just made this mental connection that January 1 is the start of the year. That’s interesting because New Year used to start on 1 March, 25 March, Easter, 1 September, and 25 December, besides many other dates. What I am trying to say is that January 1 is a beginning because we see it as a beginning. The truth is, we can see every day like a beginning, like a new opportunity to achieve our potential.

Treat every day like a fresh start

I’ve been a loser in my past and upgraded myself to a winner, that’s how I know that our attitude is either helping us or destroy us. Wake up every day with excitement and gratitude for a fresh new start. A fresh new opportunity to make the best out of your life. Focus on your dreams, on your progress, on your self-education, on what you can do more and how can you love more. It’s so many things we can improve and we should use time effectively because it’s precious and valuable for us. We have 24 hours every day to make something good out of your life. You have it today, but it ain’t promise tomorrow.

Get any successful person in this world and ask them “How often do you focus on your own progress?” You will get responses like once a week or once a day. Some even once in a month. Somebody who constantly loses will tell you once a year or once a decade. That’s because we are the result of our daily habits. If you focus on progress on a daily basis you will achieve progress. It doesn’t matter if you stumble, if you fail, if you don’t get it right from the start. You can fail 100 days, you still have 266 to go. You will eventually master it. But because you always focus on your dreams you will eventually get there. It’s just like water which digs through a mountain, using persistence and not force.

When you focus all your energy and strength in only one day, you will get quickly overwhelmed. You can’t change 364 days in 1. You simply can’t. If you’ve been sabotaging yourself with bad thoughts, bad eating habits, vices, lack of action etc, there not so much to do in 24 hours to recover. It’s not enough time and you will give up from the pressure. It’s just like dieting. It’s not what you eat once a week that makes a difference, it’s what you eat daily.

There is a quote I’ve been repeating from the moment I started this blog but is so accurate and meaningful to this situation that I have to mention it again.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.


I wish you my friends a new year filled with opportunities, strength to go after your dreams, wisdom to appreciate what you have and love to spread all around you. God bless you all! 🎉

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