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The Way You Think About Yourself Influence How You Look

There is a strong connection between your thoughts, feelings, and physical appearance. Your mind is the master of all the physical and biological processes that are made in your body. That means your brain is responsible for your growth, development, cleaning out toxins, losing weight, muscle gain, hair growth, skin care etc. Some researches made show also a DNA shaping using thoughts. There was a couple that influenced the way their child is going to look just by thinking about it. For example, they wanted so much to have a girl with blue eyes, they imagined her like that during pregnancy and that’s how she was born even if nobody in their family has blue eyes.

I am going to give you another example. Think about and make a comparison how people generally used to look 100 years ago and how they generally look The way you think about yourself influence how you looknow. We are much more slim, muscled and voluptuous (especially women). This is not just about the lifestyle anymore, because there are people looking like models without even caring about diet or exercises. This progress is made because during our lifetime we develop in our minds the perfect body image, and we pass that DNA pattern to our kids.

Another example is how there is a strong link between sad, depressed persons and gaining weight. How the lack of confidence is present in all the people who have weight problems. Meanwhile, there are slim figures that eat what they want and when they want and nothing changes. The people who are slim you see them happy, confident and with strong will power. I’ve been overweight and now I am fit. I can tell you from experience that what you think and how you feel about yourself influence the way you look, not the other way around. I will break it down and explain it to you.

The Passive-aggressive critique way

This is the worst way you can think about yourself. No matter if you express it loudly or not, thinking about you negatively affects you more than you imagine. If you look in the mirror and deep inside you feel like looking awful , that’s going to affect your appearance.

You should never critique your body, tell yourself that you are ugly, not attractive, fat and things like this. You should NEVER do this to yourself. You practically order your body to look that way. You will feel bad, you will have bad habits and you won’t take care of your body at all. That way your body lose more health, you become fatter and you think worse about yourself. It’s a vicious spinning circle and you need to get out of it asap.

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The ignorance way

In this way, people say: “I don’t care how I look. I don’t care how I feel, how healthy I am, how that impacts my body”.

At this point, maybe you don’t make your body look worst  but you will leave yourself open to harm. If you don’t care about the way you look, it means you don’t love yourself and you don’t love your body. So you won’t properly take care of it. Health requires caring, that means you will be exposed to illnesses and infections produced by bad behaviors or eating habits. Your body will be vulnerable on a daily basis.

Another thing that is dangerous here is that our mind can’t work without a pattern. You can’t simply say to a computer: do what you want! The computer needs a command to execute. That means, maybe you think that you don’t care about how you look, but deep inside you have a pattern. Most probably from other people who don’t take care of their bodies also, so that’s not the best example to follow.

The positive way

This is the only way I recommend to think about yourself. Love yourself, love the way you look and try to find ways to improve your health. Be gentle with yourself and the opinions you have about yourself.

Look in the mirror and say: “I am beautiful the way I am. I am healthy. I am strong. I love the way I look! God made me perfect.

You are not just complimenting your appearance, you are also setting up a pattern, a standard. If you want to lose weight focus on how you will going to look. Imagine yourself looking like that already. You can simply say “I will look stunning when I am going to lose weight (while imagining yourself slim)” . This is pure DNA changing, habits changing and feelings changing. Not to mention how happy and confident you are going to feel.

It’s very simple. What you intensely put in your mind, the brain interprets that as a wish, as a command. And it will give you patterns to get there. Is that simple! Is just like you are setting a destination point on the GPS, and it guides you there step by step. That’s how our mind works. It’s so brilliantly simple. That’s why it’s important to change the way you see yourself.

Always remember: The way you think about yourself influence how you look, not the other way around! It influences the way you feel about yourself.

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