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How to Get Anything You Want in 2023 (5 Easy Steps Action Plan)

Do you want to start your 2020 like a champion and accomplish everything you want? Do you want to be more successful, more productive and more loving? Do you want to improve the quality of your life and the ones that you love? Then this little guide is what you need.

Maybe you want to lose more weight and have that body shape you always dreamed about. Or maybe you want to make more money, so you can have more freedom, more fun and less stress to enjoy the beautiful life around you. Or maybe you want to start that project that always has been in your heart and you want to make it happen.  Your wish may be improving the quality and passion of your relationship or finding the right person to have a relationship with in the first place. Whichever your goal is, you need an action plan to make it happen by creating a longer lasting effect in your life. Here is why.

As the New Year is upon us, we all think about the things we want to accomplish more. We maybe have our goal list or New Year’s resolution, but whichever it is, it’s a common practice to think about how we will improve our results.

And while that might seem useful, it is not the right or complete approach to getting anything you want in life. Here is the deal. If a New Year’s resolution would be enough to be successful, everyone would already be successful. But most of the people aren’t.

Because a brainstorm we do once a year doesn’t hold that much impact on our life. It’s basically just 1 day out of 365. That’s 0.28% of your time. We don’t have to be a mathematician to realize that this is a very small impact.

What we need to do is to create a compound effect into our life, by having a strategy and creating daily habits. What that simply means is taking our goals and breaking them into small pieces that we can apply every day. And by doing these small, maybe apparently insignificant actions, on a daily basis, we create a long lasting effect and we will achieve tremendous results.

Success and failure are not huge events!

Maybe they sometimes appear so, but they are not these huge things that happen in our life and change it. Success and failure are just the results of our daily actions. We call them habits because they become automatic and we don’t even think about them. But they are important and they paint the picture of our lives.

Think about it this way. When you start to create a puzzle that has a lot of pieces (like a thousand or so) it’s not very useful to focus on the big picture. That helps you a bit, but what you actually do is start in a corner and work your way up from there. You just focus on the little pieces, and one by one, you put them together. One little piece is insignificant, but put together, as the time goes by, you will soon have your masterpiece done.

It’s the same thing with our lives. We basically create our results by the little pieces of the puzzle we put together every day. And we do this even if we know it or not. Our brain is built to be habitual. Why? Because it makes things easier for us.

If we’d have to focus on every single detail about everything we do, we will be exhausted even trying to do the laundries. But no, as soon as we practice it enough, it’s becoming an automatic function. Basically, the habits are moved from the conscious mind to the unconscious. It becomes much easier and much faster to be done.

That’s how our brain works and makes things easier. So, how can we take advantage of this and achieve anything we want? It’s very simple. By analyzing every goal and create daily simple habits that we can implement and get the results we want.

For this purpose, I created this 5 steps formula that you can use for every possible goal you have. It doesn’t matter if it’s fitness related, relationship, money or simply your goal to enjoy life more. It’s simple to use, strategically, and it gives you an action plan that you can start to implement NOW. Not tomorrow, not next month or year, but now.

And the results, I promise you, will compound and appear into your life. All you need to do is take your goals on by one and follow these steps. At the final step, you will have a couple of daily habits that you can start to implement, and you create the momentum by taking action on a habit.

Without further ado, let’s start the guide.

1. Define It Clearly

You can’t hit a target that you can’t see. Therefore, the first step in achieving any goal is to get very specific in details with it. Grab your journal (which you should already have for this guide) and start the defining process.

People with clear, written goals, accomplish far more in a shorter period of time than people without them could ever imagine.

– Brian Tracy

Start to write about your goal. How much is it? What color? What size? How does it feel like? How soon will you get it? Be very specific into painting a picture of your goal. Write down all the possible details about it that you can think about.

For example, if you want a brand new car, write down what model, what year it is, what color is the paint on it, how fast can it get to 100 km/h etc. Or if you want to lose weight write down how much you will lose, what weight you will have, what is the type of the physique you are going to get, how is that new body going to make you feel. Or if you want to find your soul mate, write down the traits that he or she has, how is this person going to treat you, to talk with you, to spoil you, what kind of qualities you will need to attract this type of person.

The clearer the mental picture of your goal is, the easier for your brain to find a way to achieve it. Once it becomes a part of your mental reality, it will always become a part of your physical reality.

Basically, our deepest wishes and visions are taken as orders by our subconscious mind, and everything we do beyond that gets us closer to our goal. Just like a missile guiding system that always follows its target.

2. Emotional Reasons

The impact of the habits that we form is directly proportional to the emotional impact it has on us. That simply means we do only the things we greatly desire to achieve, or we do whatever it takes to avoid things that make us hurt. The two main emotions are pain and pleasure. We unconsciously try to avoid pain and gain more pleasure.

For example, one person can try to lose weight and get healthy for years without any results, until the doctor tells him that if he doesn’t start to workout and eat healthy, he will die at an early age. Suddenly, the fear of death makes him so passionate and disciplined, that he immediately starts to change his health habits, workout and quit smoking to become one of the healthiest individuals.

That’s one example of how powerful emotional reasons can be, in this case, pain.

The idea here is to use the emotions of pain and pleasure to our advantage. We are going to use both of them for a very powerful impact. How can we use this to our advantage?

This is actually quite simple. I want you to start to write on a clean sheet of paper in your journal all the feelings that are you going to have if you don’t achieve your goal. How bad you will feel about it, how embarrassed, how empty, how crushed, and all these painful memories. I know it’s not comfortable, but it’s going to be very useful for you and it will change your life. Really try to find as many painful emotions for not having your goal.

After you are done with this, start with a clean sheet of paper and write all the beautiful emotions that you are going to get with your goal. How awesome you are going to feel, how confident, how powerful, how happy and all the other great advantages that will come with your goal. Make it as pleasured as possible by imagining yourself having the goal achieved, and write down all the feelings that you are going to get.

On this step, you basically created a powerful emotional force that drives you in the same direction. You have pain for not achieving it, and pleasure for achieving it. This is a straight way to get your goal.

Most people are stuck because there is a conflict in emotional reasons. For example, they don’t want to be lonely, but they think that love hurts. Or, they want to achieve financial freedom but they love to sleep. If you have emotional reasons pulling you in different directions, you are going to stay in the same spot.

Now you fixed this by aligning both pain and pleasure towards helping you achieving your goal.

3. Identify Roadblocks

There is something blocking your way to achieving your goal. That’s the reason you are not there yet. If you manage to identify exactly what’s stopping you from achieving your goal, you can easily overcome it and get to your goal fast.

On a clean sheet of paper write down this question: What are the roadblocks that are stopping me from achieving my goal?

For example, if you want to earn 50% more money from your sales, the possible roadblocks would be not making the phone calls, cutting off earlier on work, focusing on other things while at work, failing to take the actions that hold the most impact for your work etc.

Or if you want to achieve a fit body, the roadblocks would be not getting enough rest, eating in a hurry, spending too much time on TV, putting to much pressure on your diet, starving yourself and fall off the wagon quickly etc.

You get my point. This little step will help you realize what are the habits that you need to install in order to get to your goal. Everything in life is just problem solving. Anything you want to achieve is the answer to a problem. Your ability to overcome obstacles and find solutions (also called being solution orientated) is your number 1 determinant of your success.

4. Become an Expert (or Follow One)

I can’t stretch this enough. Your knowledge of your goal domain determines your confidence. As you have more confidence, you take more action. As you take more action, you get more results. And the results boost up your confidence again, and it’s an upward spiral.

I love this example I usually give. How do firefighters get so confident into their dangerous and life treating job? With practice, AKA getting more knowledge. They know how to deal with it. They study it, they practice it. They know what cause the fire, what puts it out, what to do, what not to do. Their knowledge is their strength.

That’s what you need to do as well. Study the science of the goal attainment that you want. If you want to be fit, start reading and watching videos about what to eat, what exercises to do and so forth. If you want to make more money, study wealthy and ways how to get and keep more money. If you want a passionate and healthy relationship with your spouse, study the relationship field, how to show more love, how to be more passionate, more understanding, how to fulfill your lovers needs etc.

Or even more simple than this, find a role model that already has attained what you want and follow his or her advice.

So take your goal and find a book that you can read, a Youtube channel that you can follow or a podcast that you can listen to it every day, whatever you can find, and start to make this studying a part of your life.

5. Split The Goal In Daily Habits

This is the last part and one of the most important, I believe. This is where you take your big attractive goal and split it into bite-size pieces that you can start to “chew” right now.

We are looking here for things that you can easily do every single day, without much effort, that will propel you towards your goal. On the short term, they might seem insignificant, but the impact that is compounding into your life is tremendous. Like I said earlier, success and failure are not huge events. They are just accumulation of habits, good or bad.

Take a clean sheet of paper and write on top of it: Daily habits towards my goal.

Now you start to make a list of all the possible habits that you can think about that will propel towards your goal.

Let me give you some examples.

If you want a better relationship with your loved one, some simple habits could be: allocating 10 minutes every day to write down all the beautiful things you appreciate about them, making a small gesture of love like sending flowers, cute messages or a love note, taking time every night as the first thing when you get home to show your special one affection with lots of hugs and kisses. Simple things that hold a tremendous impact.

If you want to lose weight and look awesome, simple daily habits could be: 30 minutes walking around the block, eating an apple (or any fruit) a day, drinking 2 L of water, taking vitamins and minerals supplement, doing a little warm-up as soon as you wake up, getting into bed earlier so you can get enough rest etc. Again, small things that give you small improvements, that will compound in great results.

If you have a hard time thinking about what habits you can apply, you can simply Google “habits to get __ “ and you have a nice list to use as an inspiration.

Once you get your list of habits about your particular goal, what you want to do now is to take action on one of it. As soon as you are done with this guide, just pick a habit and do it immediately. This will create momentum of achievement that will make you more confident to keep at it and getting closer to your goal every day.

As a reminder, the 5 steps are the following:

  1. Define It Clearly

  2. Emotional Reasons

  3. Identify Roadblocks

  4. Become an Expert (or Follow One)

  5. Split The Goal In Daily Habits

That’s it, my friend, this is my 5 steps formula to achieve anything you want. I do this in my life as well, and it has helped me tremendously to achieve all the things I want in my life. But, don’t take my words for granted, all you need to do is just try these little steps once and you are going to see results very fast.

You can cleanse and repeat this process with any goal that you want to achieve. A key point that I want to make is to not overwhelm yourself. So would be better to take it slowly, adding one habit at a time, and this way you have high chances that you will stick to it all your life and therefore achieve great things.

I wish you great things my friend, to live the life that truly makes you fulfilled, spreading the joy and love all around you. The world needs that special gift you hold inside.

If you find this useful, feel free to share it with those people that matter for you and with this simple gesture you might tremendously change someone’s life.


To your success!

Cornel Manu

Self-help author, ghostwriter, and copywriter. Founder of & I love helping people have a better life by improving their health and their mindset. I am also a freelance writer that crafts amazing books, SEO articles, and killer copy. Hire me as freelance writer.

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