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5 Ways to Improve your Intelligence Within a Month

Would you like to increase your intelligence within a month? Would you like to take your intelligence to the next level?

If yes, I have some amazing and easy methods to tell you.

Before reaching to the points, first I would like to clarify a myth related to intelligence. Intelligence means the ability to learn more and more about everything5 ways to improve your intelligence within a month that comes across you; it is how people confuse knowledge with intelligence. Yes, being knowledgeable plays a vital role in being intelligent, but on the other hand, it is false that intelligence and knowledge are the same things.

Intelligence is nothing but the way how you apply your wisdom to get anything done perfectly. Another short and simple definition of intelligence is the brilliance of asking the right questions at the right time.

Intelligence is all about filtering your knowledge to get the solution of an existing problem. And it’s completely dependent upon the ability of our brain to sort and apply ideas.

Here we have 5 methods which guarantee an increase in your Intelligence if practiced regularly for a month.

  1. Solve puzzles and patterns twice a day.

People workout to make their body look and work perfectly. Similarly, your brain also requires workout to work perfectly. But unfortunately, the brain can’t do any kind of physical workout. So how will you make your brain exercise? And the answer is by practicing puzzles or patterns.

Puzzles and patterns are like dumbbells for the brain which empowers it enough to be creative. The more you will practice it, the more your brain will become used to applying perfect ideas at different circumstances and it’s all that intelligence demands.

  1. Master yourself in a particular talent.

Being a master is something like being an expert on any specific thing. And to be an expert; regular practice is the only way. The journey of being a master depends on the number of times you repeat the same thing again and again, by defeating your previous performance in every round.

Exercising plays vital role in improving intelligence, so practice that single thing as much as you can. And while practicing, make sure that you are putting all your potential on a specific task. Because by the end, you have to be excellent only on that particular piece.

  1. Wake up early and go for a healthy jogging.

In this point, there are two things. First one is to wake up early; this is to remind you that you are on a journey to improve your intelligence. Every morning when your alarm will ring, it will remind you of your commitment to yourself for taking your intelligence to the next level.

And the second one is to jog. Jogging is as necessary as a mental workout because a brain can work perfectly only if you are in healthy state. So in order to maintain your health you have to jog in the pleasant wind of early morning.

  1. Read books and keep on learning.

As I said previously, being knowledgeable plays very crucial role in improving intelligence. So from where you will gain more and more knowledge? Obviously from reading. Reading books is not just a way to obtain knowledge but also a healthy habit. I am not suggesting you to be a bookworm, but yes, you have to spend one hour daily with books. Always remember, a book will never ask you for anything but will give you something that is worth beyond expectation, called knowledge.

  1. Get real life exposure.

Being intelligent is all about how smartly you can deal with any situation. So to make yourself aware of the kind of situations which demands intelligence to get solved, you have to experience it. Nothing can be a more fantastic and thrilling way to improve intelligence rather than getting real life experience. The more you will practice life, the more you will learn about ways to deal with life.

Practice these methods for at least one month continuously without any gap and trust me, your intelligence will hike like anything. Improving intelligence is not an easy task, but yes, it is also not that tough. All that you have to do, is to be persistent for what you want until the end. 

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