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Choose Habits That Boost up your Motivation

Our entire life is influenced by what routines we have. What we do, think and feel on a regular basis influence our state, and our state has a major impact on our decisions. Think about how we tend to do things then later regret them when we have a bad mood, and how when we are happy everything seems to run smoothly.

A champion has champion habits

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.


Have you ever heard of the saying “Champions are made, not born”? This basically means those that win don’t haveChoose habits that boost up your motivation incredible luck or god-like features that only the special one of us poses. They just work harder and smarter to achieve their goals, they have better determination, willpower, and discipline. Nothing in this world, worth of mentioning, is gained without effort. That effort might be your sweat, attention, time, training, self-development; whatever the form of “payment” is, you have to do it to accomplish your goal.

So look at your habits! What you do daily. Because that is what determines the outcome of your life. Not what you do once a year or twice a month. What you do every single day determines your life. In other words, success and failure are just a result of our routines.

I am not saying this to discourage or scare you. I am just saying this to help you understand that is within our power to control our lives. Once you understand what kind of impact bad daily habits have on your life, you understand that you can change those routines and therefore change your life the way you want it.

Let me give you an example. How many times have you heard of someone having a really bad event in their life, and even with all the sadness the first thing that came to your mind was “he / she had that coming!” Or, when your favorite star or team is winning an award, and you are excited but really not that surprised. Or when you study so hard for a test, that you basically already know you are going to get a high score. All these things happen because our brain use patterns to somehow predict the outcome of events. We don’t just learn that from us, we learn it from others also. We are pattern finders and users.

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Don’t just try to rip off bad habits. Replace them with good ones

Now don’t just try to jump on your life and rip off anything you do from it. That will make you feel like in a prison and will make you go nuts. Just try to replace, one by one, bad habits with good habits. Well, in fact, those are more unuseful habits and not bad. So you just need to replace unuseful habits with useful ones.

You need good routines in your life, that helps you feel more confident, more powerful, more compassionate, more loving etc. For example: instead of drinking soda, which is, of course, hurtful for your body, try to drink some green tea or just plain water with a slice of lemon in it. Instead of reading news about what other horrible events happened in the world, try to read something motivational that helps you change and grow. Instead of spending your spare money on new clothes you probably don’t even need, try to donate a part of that money or feed a homeless person. And the list can go on forever.

We can change everything into something positive

I will you give you even a personal example. I grew up without a father because my dad died 1 month before I was born. And that escalated quickly into feeling sad, incomplete and hurt. But later on, after I realised the need to do something about it and not letting it consume me, I said to myself: “because I know how it feels to not have a father, I promise to myself I will be the best father in the world, so that my kids will never feel any kind of need. I will be there for them unconditionally, love them to death and provide them with everything they need”. That’s how I turned a bad habit into a good, positive, constructive one. That’s how I transformed a hurtful reminder into a positive empowering one.

What we do daily can empower us or suck up our energy

You have so much influence over your own persona. Sometimes we have such a huge inspiration that we even influence those around us. But our own self we influence daily. With everything we do, say, think and feel. You can empower yourself or you can make yourself feel worse and worse. It’s your decision !

This is a wake-up call, to make ourselves constantly understand that what we do on a daily basis influence the outcome of our lives. And we all deserve to live our lives fulfilled, happy, with loving relationships, to have success and to achieve our great potential that we all have inside.

We all deserve to live our lives the way we dream it. We just have to learn how to craft ourselves into a better person every day. That person will make it happen.

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