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Celebrate Little Winnings to Boost up your Morale

You don’t have to win big to have more confidence in your life. In fact, most of the people winning big are in that great state of inner strength from appreciating little victories. It’s what we feel every day and what we focus on that gives us the results.

Big victories sometimes are taking too much long time. If you will wait until reaching them to feel good, you are going to have a pretty bad ride. And guess what, getting that big cash award or whatever you wish for, won’t make you feel better.

I am a big encourager of dreaming big and achieving true potential. But I also encourage appreciating little things in life, because that’s the only way you are Celebrate little winnings to boost up your moralegoing to fulfill your dreams.

I’ve had this problem too: I was focused so much on my end goal, that I’ve forgotten to enjoy the ride there. And I became bitter and depressed, because who wouldn’t? If we would have to wait one month, or even one week, to have a moment of gratefulness and mindfulness, we are history.

Many amazing things we can be grateful for

Our health, our families, our loved ones, our amazing opportunities and qualities that we have, the roof above our head, the food in our tummy, everything is a gift from God. And we should be thankful for that. Not only because it makes you appreciate more the moment, but it also gives you the inner strength and emotions necessary to achieve anything.

Winners had this passion inside of them, way long before they started to achieve anything. Because it’s not what it’s on the outside that makes a difference, it’s what we have inside. Our passions, our love, our gratitude, our compassion, all these beautiful and strong emotions are what makes a difference between an achiever and a failure.

If you take any self-made millionaire, you will find amazing stories behind them. Most of the times they faced very difficult obstacles that even seemed impossible to get over them. But they’ve kept pushing forwards towards their dream. That’s a strength that only emotions can grant.

Humans are very emotional creatures. We are also very intellectual, but most of our decisions and actions are driven by what we feel. Intellect is more used for progress, to get better and better at what we do.

So it makes perfect sense that if you feel awful, everything you do is going to be low quality. Yet when you feel great and alive, everything will go so smoothly and everything you do will be top-notch.

First feel good and then do good

It’s not the other way around. We don’t get happier because we get more money, we get more love, or we buy more clothes. No. Happiness comes from fulfillment, and fulfillment comes from appreciating all you have while going after everything you wish for.

The irony is that, if you don’t appreciate what you have now, you won’t appreciate what you want to have. Because what you want to have will eventually become what you have. So, if you are ignoring what you have and take it for granted, you are going to do that even when you are going to achieve your big desire.

How many times you’ve seen people who earn a big fortune from their parents or lottery, and they just can’t handle it. They go depressed, suicidal or even worse. That’s because we can’t fill a void we have in our heart with something from outside.

That’s why they are addictions out there. It doesn’t matter if the addiction is gambling, smoking, eating or running away from loneliness using toxic relationships; it’s harmful and it will only make you feel emptier and emptier.

Get more confidence from appreciating little things

We don’t have to win big to feel good. Only if we are heading that way is going to make us feel good. Enjoying the ride until there is a plus. What’s important is that you’ve decided who you want to be and what you want to have in your life, and you’ve realized what really makes you happy. Now you get there appreciating every single thing in your ride.

HAVE FUN! Achieving true potential doesn’t have to be a burden. You can’t do it that way. Going after what you love should be fun, and every single detail from your ride should fill you up with gratitude and passion. Even obstacles and hardships should be embraced because they are making you stronger and better.

We have so many things in our lives and we shouldn’t take anything for granted. We live in a world where people die of starvation, war, and even lack of water. You know, water, that indispensable source of life that for us is so common and seems little in significance, while other people would trade their lives for access to clean water.

I don’t say we should blame ourselves for having these amazing things in our lives. I am simply saying that we have so many things to be grateful for, and we should use this passion to fuel us into achieving our big goals and make the world a better place.

Celebrate even when you win small

That chapter from that book you’ve just finished, that healthy recipe you’ve just learned and done, the workout you did today, that homeless person that you’ve helped on your way home, every single victory should be celebrated. That’s because it will give you strength and confidence, and it will also motivate you to do more of that.

Celebrating shouldn’t be reserved for people who live their lives with addictions. In fact, addicted people are those that care only about celebrating. But if you did something good, if you made a little step towards your dreams, if you made your special one feel more loved with a gesture, if you brought a smile on someone’s face, you deserve it.

Give yourself some credit, make yourself more confident, feel more gratitude and love, and you will have all you need to get where you want to get and become whom you want to become. I wish you the life you’ve always dreamed about! ☺

Now let’s hear it from you. How was this article helpful? What positive changes will you start making in your life? Share it us in the comments.

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