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Adapt your Approach Towards Success

When it comes to our success, no matter the area we speak about, it’s crucial to be able to adapt while pursuing it. The lack of flexibility in approaching goals is what makes people fail. You set a goal that it’s important to you, but you don’t know how to get there. You can’t calculate or predict the future, you can only improve yourself with every step. If you think that you know everything and it will go exactly how you’ve planned it, you are lying to yourself and you are going to fall down hard.

Either if you want the body you’ve dreamed off, that dream house you always wanted to buy, that new income source or a better love life with your special someone, these lessons can help you achieve any of these goals.

Flexibility towards approach means openness for improvement.

A lot of fancy words for a simple concept: if you think you know it all, you won’t have the desire to improve yourself. Those that consider themselves perfect canAdapt your approach towards success never achieve greatness. Because they just stop growing, thinking that somehow they know all the answers.

That’s why is very crucial to go after your dreams with an apprentice mindset. Always looking for ways to improve, always looking for ways to learn more and always looking for delivering a better job. This novice mentality will open your mind to notice everything that happens around you while pursuing what you wish for.

This is one of the advantages of flexibility: being able to mold yourself into a better version. If you become better, what you do becomes better. If what you do becomes better, your life becomes better and your results.

If you think that you know it all and everything will go just as you planned, will stop improving from day one. And the winds of life will break you down because you weren’t flexible enough.

If you start with an adaptive mentality you are more prepared.

You are more prepared and aware of the obstacles that you will meet. There’s nothing worthy of getting in this life that doesn’t come with an amount of struggle and random difficulties. That’s the beauty of our goals: they shape us into a better person.

When you are aware that things will not go as you will plan them, and there will be times where you will have to find solutions to what happens, you are preparing yourself for the obstacles that you might find. You train yourself and say:”I am going to do this, and I’m aware that is going to be hard. I’m going to face difficulties but I will overcome them!”

Over comfort leads to failure, because when people feel they are too comfortable with the situation, they feel too mighty and they don’t have that awareness inside of them. They think they know it all, seen it all, faced it all, done it all, and that’s when randomness slaps you down. You will never know it all, seen it all, faced it all or done it all. There’s always room to improve yourself.

You will focus on your goals and how to get there in the best way.

Another important aspect of being flexible in your approach is that it helps you to focus on what really matters: your goal. If you think you have a plan perfect made of execution, and you just sit back and relax, the difficulties will come and overwhelm you. Will be a red alert inside your head and all you could see will be that single step that you screwed up, from which point you will consider that you failed and it’s one more step from actually giving up.

The truth is: we won’t know how to get there from day one. We won’t know all the solutions and we won’t know the best possible ways. Even if you are pursuing a dream or goal that somebody else already mastered, there’s something random that will happen along the way. Yes, it’s very good to have all the information you can gather before you start, to prepare yourself for every little thing, but that requires to be flexible.

When you manage to focus on your goal and understand that you will have to find the way to do it, while doing it, you will be much more successful.

You will be ready.

When something comes along you will be like: “YES! A challenge!” You will be excited. You will be willing to learn, study and improve yourself with each and every step. You understand that the outcome is more important than the struggles of the steps, but you also honor the steps because they are making you a better person. You are determined to achieve it, no matter how hard it gets or how complicated. You will find a way to do this. And is going to be your reward and your improvement!

The only way we can fail is to give up!

That’s it. That’s the only way you fail to achieve your goal. When you give up. Mistakes are just there to make you better.

Note: Set clear rules about what you are flexible with and not.

While the title of this article is encouraging you to be flexible in your approach, we have to make things clear that we won’t be just doing it unscrupulously.

There are certain things in life that are not made to trade. Our principles, our moral values, our ideals, the people that we love, the positive example, our character, our own self, our God, these are not tradable. We don’t exchange any of these to get there faster, because what we lose is much more valuable.

But you can give away your work, diligence, ego, passion, attention, willingness to learn or tiredness. So there are certain things you are available to trade and be flexible about, and there are certain things you will never give up.

And love is one of the greatest treasure that you don’t want to give away. Never risk your marriage for any goal, no matter how bright and shiny it looks. Your loved one should always come first. Your family should always come first.

That’s about it, I hope you guys loved it, and I hope it provided a good insight of why flexibility is essential to achieve success. I would love to hear from you, so leave your comments below and I will reply to them. To your success, with love, Cornel Manu! 👏

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