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Find your Inner Power in 5 Simple Steps

We are stronger than we know about. We all have inside of us this lion that waits to be unleashed. This volcano waiting to erupt. This seed that waits for an opportunity to grow huge. We just have to learn how to unleash what we have inside.

There is nothing as strong as the human spirit. Nothing as powerful. So we need to understand that and stop trying to suffocate it. Instead of trying to kill our own Find your inner power in 5 simple stepsspirit with negative thoughts and bad habits, let’s learn how to help our soul grow, raise and feed us with the energy we so long missed it. Let us learn and practice simple habits that will maintain and power up this nuclear reactor we have inside of us. The best part of it is that good is much more powerful than evil. But it must be active.

I believe there’s an inner power that makes winners or losers. And the winners are the ones who really listen to the truth of their hearts.

Sylvester Stallone

1. 30 minutes workout session

The inner power is strongly connected with our physical power. It’s something so empowering when you fight the gravity to sculpt your body. It’s the same feeling of fighting obstacles to sculpt your soul, your character, and your mind. There is also scientifically proved that working out release good chemicals in our body.

Endorphins are released during a workout session and they have a similar effect as morphine. The chemicals reduce our perception of pain, trigger a positive feeling in our body, make us feel energized and improve our sleep. Also, working out increases your metabolic rate, blood flow, and the level of oxygen your body is getting, thus making you mentally sharp, confident and ready to tackle the day.

2. Plan your dreams ahead

To get somewhere in life you need a destination point. A clear destination point. If you want to travel somewhere in the world with your car, you won’t leave without a clear destination point. Otherwise, you will just wander off forever. The same thing applies to life.

There is no question about “If I get there”, because you definitely will. So the question is “where do I want to go?” Make your dreams like you are making goals. Write them down, with every single detail you want. Life doesn’t know what to give you if you don’t know what to ask. Your brain can’t find a solution to get where you didn’t point it out. You understand me?

So get a clear vision of everything you want to accomplish in life. This day, this month, next year and lifetime. Everything! Envision it as it is already done and before you know it, you will get there.

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3. Be grateful for what you have

Gratefulness is the mother of all good emotions. It’s that feeling of happiness and appreciation for what you have, that will give you the strength to go after what you want and to have that deep understanding of life.

Another great advantage of this is that being positive will give you a better confidence than you ever had. Because with happiness comes courage, with courage comes actions and with actions comes confidence in your own strengths.

4. Show compassion and love

We have what we share. This goes for happiness and love. You have these beautiful feelings as much as you share them with others. So never be afraid to share more love and to do small acts of compassion. This is what life is about! You can’t live by yourself. I mean, you can, but you will feel miserable.

Jim Rohn had the most amazing quote about love. And is something like this: from all the treasures in the world, love is the greatest. That means it’s better to live in a tent on the beach and know what love is, rather than live in a palace all by yourself.

Small acts of compassion of love will make your heart fill with emotions, and that will give you the proper energy and strength to tackle any challenge ahead.

5. Self-motivation talk

We are the toughest critics and the biggest fans of ourselves. Whatever side you chose to give to yourself, that will influence you deeply. If you choose to critique yourself and point out the flaws about you, that will make you feel worthless. On the other hand, with the proper motivation speaking practiced you can get power up and ready for action any time you want.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to make you believe you are perfect. Nobody is perfect, but everyone can perfect themselves. And the only way to perfect yourself is to practice your strengths that you give yourself credit for.

So choose the most motivating thing when you are talking in the mirror. “You can do this!”, “Come on, let’s go!”, “Everything is possible, I make it possible!”, “I am stronger and stronger each and every day!”; just a small example of what kind of motivating speeches you can give to yourself. Try it and you will instantly feel better. I guarantee you that if you do motivational speaking to yourself at least 20 minutes a day, you will be a changed person. I’ve seen it on myself, and there is no wonder great winning people share the best motivational words that you can hear. That’s what they’ve already practiced for years and years in private.

How do you find your inner power? Share your knowledge with us by leaving a comment, or share this post and bring positive power into someone’s life. Remember: you are more powerful than you know! God bless you.

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