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Happiness Makes You Healthy

Most of us are very intelligent, we are surrounded by knowledge and we constantly learn. Still, we are emotional creatures by nature. We are influenced by how we feel at the deepest levels, physically and mentally. For example, we’ve all seen that type of person that is constantly stressed/upset and, surprisingly enough, constantly sick also. This is not a coincidence.

Another example: placebo effect appears on those who truly believe in the effect, thus they have a strong feeling of getting better (or getting worse) and their bodies manifest their feelings.

It’s well-known that stress is the major factor for most diseases we currently have. Heart attacks, strokes, immune Happiness makes you healthy system diseases and much more are connected to a generally bad mood. On the bright side, we can’t exclude the positive impact happiness and love have on our bodies. I felt this on my own: I was a negative thinking, selfish, sick kid until I changed my philosophy and my mood. All of the sudden I started to feel healthier, loving and stronger while being happier and the well-being levels just kept on growing. There are strong health benefits of being happy.

Happiness makes your brain healthier

There are four major chemicals that brain release in a state of happiness and they all have different roles. Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, Endorphins, these natural drugs are related to our happiness. Scientists tend to believe that these chemicals make you feel happy. My personal opinion is that it’s the other way around: these are effects of happiness on health.

As long as you can change your mood from sad to happy, it’s obvious you can start the production of these natural chemicals. For example cuddling release oxytocin and exercising produce endorphins. You can get more cuddling and you can get more exercises, therefore, you can get as many happy drugs as you want.

But these are not just drugs that make us feel good. They have important roles in our body and also make our brain stronger and healthier. That’s why happiness helps us maintain an effective functioning brain, therefore, support our general health. Our mind is the center of all body functions and reactions. It controls everything from our heart rate to the production of antibodies.

So turn that frown upside down and let your brain run the town.

Your heart feels happiness too

Not only that you keep your heart pumping healthy because you don’t stress anymore, but positive feelings like love and happiness are connected to low blood pressure and normal heart rate. It’s nothing like the joy of life that you feel it so powerful that warms up your body. The health benefits of being happy are strongly felt within your circulatory system.

That’s why when we have an emotional distress we actually feel pain in the chest. Also, the butterflies we feel when first falling in love. Our heart is deeply connected with our soul and our emotions strongly impact our cardiovascular health.

It’s very important to understand the long-term impact it has on your body the daily mood you have. If you constantly feel sad, depressed and angry, this will make your heart and your entire body vulnerable to many diseases or hurtful events. It’s a big difference between going through a tough time (an emotional crisis for example, like losing someone you love) and having always a tough time. When you are happy you can find the strength to pull you out of an unpleasant experience even with a smile on your face, but when you are in a constantly bad mood you can have everything in the world and still feel miserable.

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Happiness makes you recover quickly

It ain’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done!

Rocky Balboa

This fits like a glove (pun intended). No matter how hard a situation might become, it’s within your strength to recover the key to achieving success. We tend to make mistakes because that’s how we learn. That’s why recovery is a very important part of the overall well-being. Even when you hit the gym, and you work hard to rip those muscles out, still during your sleep they will grow stronger. This is just one of the health benefits of sleep.

Among other effects of happiness on health, is that it helps us deal with tough situations. First of all, it’s easier to see the real problem when you are happy. When you are depressed everything seems like a problem. More than this, having positive emotions gives us energy and excitement when we have to deal with problems. Optimism makes us even see problems as challenges. It makes us instead of “why me?” to say ” Try me!” And this changes the whole perspective and outcome.

I’ve seen it all my life and I’ve felt it on my own. The philosophy of life is the main difference between successful and unsuccessful people, between healthy and sick, between progress and break down.

Now you have even more reasons to choose happiness every day! ☺

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