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Set your Priorities for Proper Time Management

What is truly important for you should be your main focus. We all have big important dreams, but if we don’t protect them from time-wasting small things, we will not have enough time to focus on what our hearts want the most. Our time is limited so it should be spent on what truly matters for us.

You have to learn to say “no”

To people, to situations and to yourself. If you don’t set out some boundaries, you will always find a distraction. It’s always a friend that asks you for a drink, a new TV show or new photos to like on Facebook. Distractions are always there. Exactly like opportunities. But if you focus too much on distractions you will focus less on opportunities.
Distractions need focusing also. It’s just easier to focus on something entertaining. The thing is those bring no value. And without value in life, we feel empty.
You have to know how to make a plan and stick to it. If we let chaos take over, we will get chaos in every area of our lives. If someone else makes an invite and you have something already planned, just tell them politely that you already have an appointment that is very important and you can’t just skip your own plans. No need to feel sorry about it, we all deserve success in life and success only comes from knowing your priorities.

Turn your “shoulds” into “musts”

This is something I learned from Tony Robbins, and is that life changing fact, that when you make your dreams priorities, when you don’t allow yourself not to do Set your priorities for proper time managementthem, that’s when you find the ways to do them. Make sense? When you say that you should make more money, that is not a priority. That is a maybe and if I can. But when you say that you MUST make more money, that will become your priority and everything else will just be going to adapt around it.

Our mind work like an amazing processor, even without us knowing it. It interprets your deepest wishes and makes them a reality. It makes them by simply make you notice things that get you there. Think about it this way: when you first start to like a car, and it’s something so strong you thinking about it all the time. And all of a sudden, the car seems to be everywhere. You see it on the streets, on pictures, magazines. You are like: wow, this car is everywhere.  But it already was in all those places, but you only started to notice it when you wished it. It’s the same thing if you just bought a really nice jacket, and you love it so much. And all of a sudden it seems a lot of people have it. Those copycats, right? 😂 It’s simply that now you notice it.

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We can’t focus on all the things around us

First of all, it would be exhausting. Then it will make our mind be overwhelmed by the amount of information it has to process. So, our brilliant brain starts to make a list of priorities. Most of the attention goes to high priorities, the first things on the list. And what time or energy is left, maybe it goes to those in the bottom of the line. Now, we all have this list even if we know it or not. You see, our brain interprets as a wish what we think of on a daily basis. What you think about it the most, it’s interpreted like “oh, this is a wish”. Is that simple.

When you think about how stressful your job is, or how unfair the world is or any other negative thought, your mind will still see it as a wish. And it will be like “here are more reasons why your job is stressful. Here are more reasons why the world is unfair”. Sounds not realistic, but you know deep inside this is right. How many times in life you were like “I knew it! This happens exactly how I think it would!” Well, you want it, you got it.

That’s why is so important to consciously make your wishes priorities. What you want in life: family, love, success, that dream car and house, a lot of money, whatever is your desires make them a must. Say to yourself: “I will do this and I will settle for nothing less.”

Time management is priorities management. Getting the list done right. Understanding what you want in life, and make the important for you. We waste time only when we focus on things that are not truly important for us.

How is this article helpful and what you will change in your life to improve the quality of it with a better time management? Share it with us in the comments. Have a progressive, fulfilling and productive life! 

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