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10 Amazing Health Benefits of Sleep

Feeling a bit guilty about hitting the snooze button this morning? Having a healthy sleep habit have more impact on our lives rather than just avoiding a grumpy mood and eye circles.   Here’re some good 10 reasons sleep is helpful for your health:

1. Keeps you fit

Researchers found that getting a healthy good night sleep help us keep away the extra weight also. Lacking of sleep 10 amazing health benefits of sleepcan drastically slow down your metabolism, so having a good sleep habit will help you prevent weight gain.

2. Helps you concentrate

During night sleep, our brain cleans out its toxins and replenish its energy. Without sleep, we will found ourselves harder to concentrate and do our daily tasks. That’s why we have the grumpy mood also because we are getting frustrated with our lack of concentration.

3. Gives you a better mood

Not having enough sleep will definitely affect your overall mood. You will feel irritated, stressed out and because of that, you will be less creative and make poor judgments. So get a good night sleep to be at optimal mood and creativity level.

4. Makes you more attractive

A study demonstrated how people with lack of sleep tend to not have their best physical appearance. Pale skin and puffy eyes are known effects of sleep deprivation. This means only one thing: get that nighty-night to look goody good.

5. Makes you find solutions faster

Have you ever felt asleep thinking about a problem and waking up knowing the answer? I know I did. Scientist proved that our brain still thinks about a solution even when we are asleep. Even if we don’t wake up with an answer, the fact that we woke up refreshed will help us better to find one.

6. Helps you live longer

This is a very strong effect that scientist found conducting surveys. It turns out, those that regularly have less than six hours of sleep per night tend to have a shorter lifespan than those who got their seven to eight hours of night sleep. It’s currently unknown if this is caused by the actual sleep deprivation or other illnesses that link to it, but it’s clearly a strong reason to get a healthy sleep habit. So when your mom asks you why you are napping again, tell her your life depends on that.

7. Helps you be a winner

A study from 2008 made on athletic swimmers, resulted that after they got 10 hours of night sleep for six weeks, they could react more quickly and swim faster. It seems like sleep is strongly connected to athletic performances you have. So when you have that bowling tournament, you better sleep on it.

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8. Your immunity gets boosted

It turns out the lack of sleep it causes our immune system to not function properly, therefore even catching a cold could happen more easily. Studies proved that those who got less than 7 hours of sleep had more risks to catch a cold, while the eight hours or more group did not.

9. It helps you remember things

Our brain goes through a process vital to memory formation during deep sleep. A two weeks study showed that people who had less than six hours a night sleep performed much worse on memory tests than those people who got at least eight hours of sleep. I bet elephants got their eight hours.

10. Helps you maintain a better love and sex life

According to researchers, the better rested you are, the better sex life you will have. During a 2010 study made in America, almost 30 per cent of men and women felt that their lack of sleep affected their family life and sexual relationships. Even if you don’t know the studies, it’s pretty obvious that if you are 26 and you fall asleep during your movie date because you are too tired , that’s not very attractive.

Sleep is that golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.  

Thomas Dekker

There you have it! 10 good reasons why we should love sleeping even more. I know sometimes we want to get so many things done and to manage our time properly, but when your performance gets affected it’s pretty obvious that a rested body is a better achiever.

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