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Identifying Negative People & Dealing With Negativity

Hi there self-help enthusiasts!

I am offering my book Identifying Negative People & Dealing With Negativity for free on all the platforms it is published, including Apple, Barnes & Noble, Scribd, Kobo and more.

*Amazon can’t let you set your book free, so it might take a while until they change it from $0.99.


Book Description

The people we spend time with have a major impact on our lives and how good we feel. And how good we feel has a major impact on the success and happiness we create.

Positive people are like a glass of fresh cold water on a hot summer day. They give us energy, they make us feel amazing, and they also keep our mind on a positive track. They help us see what is good in us, in others and in life. With all these things, we can march on to create a life that we are truly proud of.

They will applaud our success and will support us in difficult times. Positive people will make us feel like everything is possible.

But there’s another side of the table.

Negative people are like a toxic cloud that surrounds us. They take our energy away, they make us feel horrible and fearful, and they will also make us think that everything is dark around us. We will start to see tragedy where it’s not and inevitably create it with our own hands.

Identifying Negative People & Dealing With Negativity teaches you what are the effects of being surrounded by negative people and how to deal with them.


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