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Embrace Failures and Let Them Teach You

Mistakes are that part of life that not only is inevitable, but it can also be used to improve ourselves. They shouldn’t be avoided and also not let them make us become fearful. Failures are a part of success and are the source of the best knowledge.

Whenever you see a very successful person that fulfilled all their dreams, have everything they want and live happily, you can be sure that person has Embrace failures and let them teach youfailed a lot.

The only notion of progress means that you have something to improve in you.

If we would be perfect, there wouldn’t be a way to progress. That’s the best part of doing mistakes, the fact that we can always improve something in our own self. Society created a big fear around mistakes when in fact, they are our greatest teachers.

I don’t encourage the attitude of “That’s who I am, and I will always screw it up”. That’s rubbish and it’s just a run away from responsibilities. Also, I don’t imply you should always hit yourself because you did that, and you did that other one. I am talking about the mature approach of failures: “Ok, I screw it up. I can’t change the past, but I can use that as an experience to improve my future!” Simple as that.

The dignity of choice is one of the most powerful human abilities. Still, why most people don’t possess this power? Because they don’t assume the responsibility. When you blame X and Y for your life, you are basically saying: “I chose to be at the mercy of the environment.” And you inevitably are.

Good decisions come from good experience. The best experience comes from the worst decisions.

This basically means that all you have to do is keep making decisions and don’t give up. You will learn the best way of doing it. The worst thing you can do is to stop making decisions because of the fear of failing. When you stop taking actions, that’s the worst thing ever. You are going to fail, ok? Not one time, not twice. You are always going to fail in the areas that need improvement. That’s ok because that’s how you improve yourself. You will never be perfect, but you can always progress into a better version.

That’s why we need to embrace and appreciate those times when we screw it up. Seriously. I mean that’s the best way possible to learn. That doesn’t mean we all have to let go of any logic and just make mistakes after mistakes. It simply means that we need to understand that failures are a part of progress. They are a part of building a successful life.

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You are not going to make something perfect from the first attempt.

So get ready to fail and learn from it. Also, it’s very wise to try to learn from other people’s mistakes too. There is a saying that delivers it simple and effective: Learn from other people’s mistakes, you won’t have time to do them all. Don’t judge, don’t point fingers. Just be compassionate about it and learn from others.

We must get rid of this need of being perfect. It grows with ego and it stops our progress entirely, creating a downfall in our lives. In other words, when you think that you do everything perfectly, that’s when you start to lose big time. Because that’s when you stop improving yourself.

Nobody’s perfect, but we can always improve ourselves into better versions. ✌

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