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Serve your Optimism with Reality

I don’t believe in positive thinking and then waiting around for the good things to happen. Like all good things in life, all the happiness, love, wealth and so on, aren’t meant to just fall on your lap. I think this is delusional and it leads only to failure. I also encourage people to believe in themselves and in their power. But not making things look worse than they are. I just believe in the power of controlling our own destiny by controlling our actions.

That’s why I believe is truly important to have a high sense of reality with your optimism. If you want to be fully effective and productive, you have to see the reality to be able to change it. Because, actually, positive people have one single major difference: they take what they have and build what they want with that. But if you don’t properly see what you have (because you’ve lived around in your own illusion) you won’t be able to build what you want.

The only good is knowledge, and the only evil is ignorance. – Herodotus

If you’ve seen yourself finding in conflict with those around you because of your delusional positive thinking, you are lying to yourself that you are positive and that’s why they don’t understand you. Optimism, when served in the intelligent constructive way, is contagious and people relate to it. People aspire for greatness. It’s in them. The delusional optimism is producing repulsion on a regular basis because it goes against our greatness.

There are no positive changes without positive actions

You might have the best ideas, the best talents, the best opportunities, but if you don’t take the actions required to achieve higher potential, everything is in Serve your optimism with realityvain. Any dream without action is dead. Any plan without action is worthless. Any talent without action is lost.

This is a wake-up call. I know I’ve been in this place: thinking that everything will be fine without taking the properly changes within me and taking the necessary actions. What a big child I was. And that made me fall big time. Ignorance just leads to degradation, in any area that it’s settled.

If you don’t take action to make positive things happen, you are just the same as those that aren’t taking action because they are afraid or think they’re not capable, but only with a smirk on your face. That’s not something you can call positive.

Being realistic is not enough, neither is being optimistic

If you are realistic but you don’t have the positive thinking necessary to see opportunities in your realities, your attention will be drawn to the unpleasant things. That’s when the saying “what you focus you manifest” takes place. Seeing only the difficulties, misfortunes, pains, and things like this, will make you feel in the worst way possible. Feeling that way will make you behave and think in the worst way possible. From there on is a vicious circle.

On the other side of the table, if you are optimistic but without a sense of reality and awareness, you are just basically making yourself blind. It’s literally like you cover your eyes with a piece of cloth, and then you walk around in life believing and hoping that everything is going to be fine. Guess what? Will not. And you will fall into a hole sooner or later.

You gotta have both. You don’t have to see things worse than they are, and you don’t have to see them better either. See everything exactly how it is, and make the necessary changes within yourself. When you make the improvement inside yourself, your actions will also improve. Therefore, you can transform anything you have into anything you wish for. But only if you have a realistic optimism.

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Avoiding delusions mean that you are more prepared

You gotta be trained! I said this once and I will say it again. You don’t jump in the car for the first time in an F1 race. You know you’ll go off track sooner than you can blink. It’s the same thing with life. You can’t go untrained to what you have to deal with. I mean you can go, but you will fail.

Come on, seriously. We need proper training in the areas we want to grow. If we want to make more money, we have to study more ways to make them and keep them. If we want more love, we have to study and apply more ways to spread the love. If we want a stronger body, we need proper nutrition and exercises. Nothing can’t be mastered without training. That means there is no success without training.

So, how are you going to prepare yourself if you are living in a delusional state? If you are living in your own happy bubble. Sure, you are thinking positive and you infuse your mind with the images of everything beautiful. But if you are blind to what happens around you, you can’t make a real change. It’s not enough to make a change in your mind and in your heart if you don’t make a change in your actions also. We have to make things real. And let’s be honest about it, if you don’t take the positive actions, you are not going to feel completely positive. It’s just a kind of. Deep inside you still feel like worthless.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. – Edmund Burke

That’s it. You don’t have to encourage degradation by doing it. It’s enough that you don’t do anything about it.

Ignoring the struggles, mistakes and painful experiences make you feel fake and selfish

You can lie as much as you want. “I’m a positive thinker”or “I’m the one with the universe, and the universe will send me what I want. I just have to be patient”. Well, you will be patient: waiting for your life to pass and be buried. There’s no other outcome that your ignorance will bring.

Deep inside yourself you are feeling this. Your heart knows that you are not on the right path. Let me tell you another thing: if you ignore the struggles and the pains of life, you will be ignoring the struggles and the pains of others. People will come at you hoping to get a positive insight to change their lives, and all they will get is: “Think positive and it will work for itself” and a smirk. Seriously? That’s very selfish and you will feel like that. And it’s also very fake. People will sense that, and will have a repulsion because of it.

In fact, a person who is realistic, even if he or she also is negative, have a much deeper connection and bond with those around. That individual changes the world in a stronger way, even if in a negative way. They are indeed overly sensitive for the pain and struggles, but it’s definitely better than not be sensitive at all.

Being a robot that just repeats motivational phrases is not enough to call yourself a positive person. You have to think, see, feel and embrace the life as it is. With all the beautiful struggles and joys, hardships and rewards, pains and pleasures, failures and successes. And by changing yourself into a better person, using the experience of the life around you, you can bet that you can change your life into a better one.

Hoping without doing is fruitless. So make sure you go out there and walk that talk. You will feel and live amazingly, trust me. To your fulfillment! 👌

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