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How to Keep a Long Distance Relationship

The first question that comes to mind is: can a long distance relationship result in a life-long marriage? The short answer: YES.

In the long answer, I will try to elaborate 8 rules that both partners need to meet to build their relationship from a distance until that point of “death do them apart”.

1. There should be a “living in the same house” goal

This is the first rule in achieving anything that is hard but worthy. You need to have a compelling dream, goal, destination. A relationship that is not heading How to keep a long distance relationshipsomewhere has no chance to survive from the distance. So, both partners need to share the same desire to be together in the future, live together and make a family. They must have a clear plan of how they will make that happen and when.

2. Trust is essential

You need to have trust in your partner. If you fuel your inside fears, the distance will only make it bigger. You need to put your trust into love. A way to do that is to change the fear of being heart-broken with the fear of losing your special one. Once you appreciate and love that person at the highest level possible, the fear disappears and trust grows.

3. Always be faithful

It doesn’t matter if your partner can’t see you right now. Is more about the soul you grow inside and the love you carry. You need to act like your partner is already next to you all the time.

4. Communicate frequently and openly

Thanks to God and the technology we have these days, communication is done as easy from one continent to another, like we are neighbors. Skype, Facebook, and WhatsApp are just a small part of what can bring us together even when we are apart. Make time in your life to get in touch with your partner. Set up virtual dates and makes sure you both commit into talking and seeing each other. It will make things easier and better.

5. Learn to properly express your feelings

When we are next to each other it’s easier to tell when we get upset, when we are happy or just in loved. It’s the body language that does all the talk. When you are at a distance it’s much harder. You have to learn to express your emotions verbally. You have to tell that person you missed her / him, say what bothers you, what you like and what you don’t like when you are upset etc. Don’t wait up for your emotions to be guessed. When you will get together that will be possible, but at a distance is hardly the case for your emotions to be understood or seen without being expressed.

6. Have faith

If you don’t believe you can achieve anything in this world then you won’t make it. Sure, it’s very hard to have a long distance relationship. I’ve been there and the feeling of missing the one you love is just huge. But the rewards are much bigger. If I have to struggle a few month, or even two years, to be together with my soul mate forever, I will gladly do it without even regret it. It’s worth it, so believe in it if you feel that your special one is your soul mate and your lover feels the same.

7. Stay strong and see the distance spent apart like a challenge for your love

Tough times don’t last but tough people do. You have to understand that even if that is a hard road to travel, it’s totally worth it to spend the rest of your life with the person you are meant to be. So fight for your relationship together, stay committed, stay strong, and understand that this time spent apart is just a challenge of the love you share. It will make the love between you stronger and powerful. If it’s real love between you will only grow bigger.

8. Be honest at all times

This is a no-brainer, but honesty is the foundation of any forever lasting healthy relationship. Because honesty is the cement of trust. You can’t have a friendship without trust, yet alone a marriage. So always be honest with your loved one and you will get the same in return.

If you are having a long distance relationship, this is my message to you. I know it’s hard and I know that you both can do it. There are couples that met online from all over the world and now they are happily married. There’s nothing that human spirit can’t achieve. We are achievers! We take our dreams and make them a reality.

So stay strong, stay faithful, be loving to each other and build that marriage that you both dream about together. I wish you a loving life and the power to make all your goals real! Do you have a long distance relationship? Share your story with us in the comments.

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